90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Do Robert and Anny Get Married?

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Back when Robert told Anny that he has five children, that seemed likely to seal the fate of their engagement. It's such a huge bombshell.

So do Robert and Anny split or do they make it to the altar? Find out below:

Robert and Annie for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

Robert and Anny had a boatload of obstacles that might interfere with their union.

For starters, there's how they met in person.

After months of chatting online, Robert took a cruise -- and spent eight hours on dry land in the Dominican Repubic.

He only spent eight hours with Anny, and that was all that he needed before he asked her to marry him.

Annie or Anny and Robert (90 Day Fiance S7)

Then there were revelations that we came later, on which we have reported.

Robert confessed to Anny that he already has five children by four different baby mammas.

Given that, up to this point, Anny had only met adorable little Bryson, that came as a tremendous shock.

In fact, even investigators who had looked into Robert's past had missed it -- they'd only known of two baby mamas and a total of three children.

Robert and Annie 90 Day Fiance S7 teaser 2

Additionally, there was the news of Robert's troubled legal history.

We want to be absolutely clear that unlike other 90 Day Fiance stars like Paul Staehle, none of it raised alarm bells.

Robert's history is not violent -- in fact, he was the petitioner in a domestic violence case that led to a woman's arrest.

But he has faced multiple evictions over the years, as well as an arrest for driving without a license when his license had been revoked.

Robert plus Annie or Anny  (90 Day Fiance S7)

So why do we bring up Robert's very minor brushes with the law as an obstacle for his odds of marrying Anny?

Because Anny has been widely perceived by 90 Day Fiance fans as being a gold digger.

Does Robert actually have any gold for her to give?

This question has dogged them since that first trailer introduced them to viewers.

Robert with Annie or Anny (90 Day Fiance S7)

However, it looks as though they were able to overcome these obstacles.

Soap Dirt reports that Robert and Anny filed for a marriage license in Orange County, Floriday on August 12.

Robert and Anny took their time, however.

The two married in Eustis, Florida on September 21, just as the Northern Hemisphere ushered in autumn.

Robert excited (90 Day Fiance S7)

The marriage ceremony took place at The Little Wedding Chapel, which sounds like an ideal place to get married on a budget.

There, they would have spent less than most of us would spend on a new phone or new computer to have their union made official.

The good news is that this low low price includes a photographer, which means that we will one day get pictures.

The bad news is that while Robert and Anny remain under an NDA, they are unlikely to make any of those photos public for fans to enjoy.

TLC of course wants the pleasure of hosting the platform where they announce their marriage. After that, maybe Robert will make the pics public.

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