Meri Brown Throws It Way, WAY Back on Christmas

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As has been rather well-documented of late, Meri Brown doesn't seem particularly psyched about the future.

There's been plenty of speculation that Meri may even be leaving Sister Wives somewhere down the line.

For this reason, it perhaps makes sense that the veteran reality star took a few moments over Christmas not to look forward, but instead to look back.

meri throws back

Way, way, way back, as the case appears to have been.

“Sometimes when you’re on the hunt for a specific photo, you come across massive amounts of blast from the past gems,” the 48-year old wrote this week on her Instagram Story.

She then posted numerous photos of various kids, with the first one being a super duper cute shot of daughter Mariah as a baby.

“Mariah’s first Christmas!” reads Brown's caption to this extreme throewback photo:

1st xmas

It's pretty clear that Meri got really into this nostalgic project, which, as we previously noted, makes a lot of sense based on where her mindset has seemingly been for awhile now.

She probably wishes things were as innocent and enjoyable as they once were.

The next picture Meri shared features the first six children born to Kody Brown and his wives: Logan, Aspyn, Mariah (now 24), Maddie, Mykelti and Hunter, presumably.

first 6

Finally, Meri posted yet another photo of little Mariah, along with the caption:

“Could that hair get any curlier? Yep, you’re so cute!”??

Check out that image here:

mariah hair

To be clear, Meri may very well be in a sentimental mood, which is perfectly normal for the holiday season.

We could easily be reading way more into these throwback photos than she intends.

However, earlier this month, she also reflected on the life-altering pain of a miscarriage she suffered years ago, making us believe there really is something profound reason for her reflective mood these days.

Meri Brown is Actually Happy

Wrote Brown on December 2:

I woke up this morning thinking about how it would be to have my 12-year-old boy with me at Christmas this year.

Never thought I’d get the news today that a sweet little mom I know and love would be saying goodbye to her own sweet baby today too. #MiscarriageSucks.

It sure does, Meri.

Meri and all her Sister Wives will return with new episodes on Sunday, January 5 at 10/9c.

We'll be tuning in.

Will you?

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