90 Day Fiance Star Emily Larina SLAMMED by Mom-Shamers: Is Her Baby Safe?

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Emily and Sasha are part of Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance. Sasha is from Russia. Emily is from Portland, Oregon. They share a baby.

After this week's episode, Emily was targeted by a flurry of mom-shamers who slammed her for puting that baby in mortal peril.

Emily and Sasha for 90 Day Fiance Season 7

On 90 Day Fiance, viewers saw Emily, Sasha, and their baby, David, travel to the airport to fly to the United States.

Video showed Emily crying in the middle of the SUV next to David, who at the time was still a little baby.

Though there were touching moments when Sasha's parents bid them farewell, viewers fixated on one alarming detail.

David was in a too-large car seat that was forward facing. In an accident, that could be catastrophic for a baby his age.

Emily Larina 90 Day Fiance IG baby seat 01

(This little cutie is now more than six months old -- can you believe it?)

The danger of course lies in the fragility of a baby's entire body.

Newborns have bones that are still forming. A not-insignificant portion of a newborn's skull is still cartilage.

Did Emily really put her baby in danger? A host of mom-shamers apparently thought so.

Emily Larina 90 Day Fiance IG baby seat 02

Emily Larina took to Instagram to explain exactly what happened to her fans.

"Production ordered the car that took us to the airport so they could go pro the car," Emily's Instagram Story explanation begins.

"I told them multiple times the car seat needed to be for an infant," she recalls.

Emily then laments: "But they didn't listen."

Emily to camera 90 Day Fiance

"We didn't have a car seat of our own at the time," Emily detailed.

She explained that they only lacked a car seat "because we didn't have a car."

So they made do "and ordered a car ... service that provided car seats if we needed one."

Unfortunately, it sounds like the car service simply did not understand. Which is pretty alarming, actually.

Emily and Sasha 90 Day Fiance S7 teaser 2

So why, some fans may wonder, didn't Emily and Sasha just hold off and wait until they could get safe transportation?

"If we waited for another car," Emily explains, "we would have missed our flight."

International tickets for two adults and a baby are no joke. Airlines have an oligopoly and they will squeeze every dime out of passengers.

And before you point out that they're reality stars, remember that 90 Day Fiance pays infamously low rates to first-time stars.

Sasha and Emily 90 Day Fiance promo

"I was so stressed from the ordeal that I broke down crying," Emily reveals.

That would explain why she looked so tearful beside precious little David in the SUV.

"Luckily, he was huge and the straps fit him," Emily notes.

David is a preciously large baby, in the 99th percentile on every chart. He's going to be so tall! You know, probably.

Emily and Sasha 90 Day Fiance promo

"I still feel awful about that car ride," Emily emotionally confesses to her fans and followers.

It's fine, but not necessary, for her to feel guilty about that. Everyone wants to protect their children from all potential dangers.

She then assures everyone: "He has a good one now though!"

That is a relief but also no surprise. Of course Emily and Sasha love their precious baby boy.

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