Teresa Giudice: Hells Yeah I'm Still "Friends" With My Boy Toy ... Got a Problem With That??

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Teresa Giudice has been hinting at marital reconciliation with Joe and denying that she had any affairs with any boy toys.

But now, she admits that she and that young, handsome fella with whom she was spotted recently are still "friends."

Teresa Giudice on Good Morning America

Bravocon, the first-ever convention for Bravo shows, stars, and fans, went down over the weekend in New York.

There were a ton of revelations, most notably the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City announcement.

There were also cast interviews, from Southern Charm stars to the Real Housewives icons we love.

And at the The Real Housewives of New Jersey panel, Teresa Giudice opened up about a lot.

Visiting Joe

Early in the panel, Teresa spoke on the topic of her family trip with her daughters to Italy to see estranged husband Joe.

"It was very emotional," she expressed to the audience.

Going on a family trip to Italy can be a delight, but ...

Knowing that one of your family members has to remain behind at the end really makes a vacation beyond bittersweet.

Teresa Giudice at Jingle Ball

Later at the panel, a somewhat tactful question asked if the mother of four and rumored fling Blake Schreck are "still friends."

Famously, Teresa has denied cheating on Joe, despite being spotted with Blake multiple times, and called him as a "friend."

"Yes, I am," Teresa responded.

That doesn't necessarily mean that she and Blake are still boning, as she's never copped to that in the first place.

Teresa Giudice on Season 10

Teresa also told Andy Cohen that she and her four beautiful daughters all had "an amazing, amazing trip" there.

"I’m so happy Joe’s free," she added, referring to his stints in prison and ICE custody. "It was very emotional."

"I was overwhelmed with joy," Teresa added.

Teresa on Watch What Happens Live

Joe had been gone for a LONG time. She emphasized: "I was happy to see my daughters finally united with their dad."

Of course, when Teresa and Joe sat down on Watch What Happens Live not so long ago, things were a bit contentious.

"Do I feel like he was faithful? No," Teresa admitted, turning the tables: "You were photographed with women also."

Joseph Giudice

"That’s why I made it okay for you," Joe countered, a comment that did not go over especially well with Teresa.

She maintains that she remained faithful during his 41-month incarceration, but clearly he wasn't buying that.

So what is Teresa's official explanation for the photos of her with Blake at various locations?

Teresa Giudice Pose

"I have a lot of guy friends," she offered to Joe, Andy, and the audience.

Andy was a little incredulous, asking: "That you hold hands with?"

While a number of cultures treat hand-holding as a standard action between platonic friends, the U.S. is a little bit different.

Especially for a woman rumored to be on the rocks with her husband already, it's hard not to view it as an intimate gesture.

Teresa Giudice Chills Out

Is there any proof that Teresa is lying when she says that she hasn't been boning the young stud in her company?

Her rep explained one such sighting by claiming that Blake was helping her to her car, platonically, as a gentleman.

But there were multiple sightings with the same guy while her husband was behind bars and awaiting deportation.

Tre Giudice

It's natural for people to have questions.

That said, whatever the truth may be, we can't really fault Teresa for sticking to her story - whether or not it's real.

In their current state, and given everything her family has been through, we'd be surprised if she weren't conflicted.

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