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Even late this summer, Shannon Beador was so ready to marry boyfriend John Janssen.

Noiw, she admits that she’s so happy in the relationship that she’s regained a little weight — but calls it "happy love weight." Awww!

Shannon Beador and Boyfriend John Janssen

Shannon Beador spoke to HollywoodLife about her relationship with boyfriend John Janssen.

"Did I ever think that I could meet someone that would provoke such emotion in me," Shannon begins by asking.

Her question continues: "And have all of the qualities that he possesses?"

"No," Shannon answers herself, admitting: "I didn’t think it was possible."

Shannon Beador, Boyfriend

"So we are both incredibly happy," Shannon gushes about her romance.

She sheds further detail, revealing: "And we’re together all the time."

"And," Shannon shares, "we talked about a future."

Oh?! It sounds like things are even more serious than most fans had realized.

Shannon Beador For Season 14

Shannon doesn’t furnish details or specifics.

In fact, she doesn’t say if she and John have decided on any real plans for marriage, merely hinting: "but I think it’s very soon."

"There’s no rush or anything," Shannon clarifies.

Naturally. She just got out of a very serious, very long-term marriage. You want time to catch your breath before you remarry.

Shannon Beador is Happy and Free

Shannon made headlines after announcing that she had lost a whopping 40 pounds.

Now, she shares that she has regained a mere six pounds of that.

"I gained a little bit," Shannon reveals, confirming what she had told Tamra. "It’s called happy love weight."

"Like six pounds," she reveals, "but I’ll lose it. It’s fine,”

Shannon Beador on Poker Night

It’s absolutely fine — and normal. The human body is designed to regain lost weight at all costs. That’s life.

“I don’t care and he doesn’t care," Shannon says of her boyfriend.

She expresses: "So it’s all good."

That makes a wonderful contrast from her ex-husband, David, who seemed to stop loving her after her weight gain.

Earlier this autumn, Shannon openly gushed about her romance with Jon Janssen.

"I am actively dating! I vowed when I started getting out there that I would be a dater," she shared at the time.

Shannon continued: "It’s no relationship right now, but I did meet someone four months ago, so we’re here [in New York City]."

"I have a connection with him that I’ve never felt with anyone," she admitted. "We have a comfort that I really have never felt with anyone and it’s so great."

Unless Shannon is prepared to pull a Kelly Dodd, it will be months or even years before this talk of a "future" turns into a proposal and a wedding.

In the mean time, it’s wonderful to hear that she is with someone who loves her for who she is, and not for some arbitrary measurements of her waist.

The nasty, ugly, bitter divorce left Shannon understandably hurt and sad, and she may have internalized some of that.

Shannon’s weight gain is not responsible for David’s cheating, his nasty behavior, or their divorce. Those were choices that David made.

We’re so happy to har that she’s so happy with John.