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Okay, we don’t want to alarm any Joe Giudice fans, but …

… LOL! Just kidding! There aren’t any Joe Giudice fans.

Anywhere on the planet, that we know of. However …

Joe Giudice Interview Pic

… we do have an update on Giudice’s entire deportation situation.

As you must know by now, Joe completed a lengthy stint in prison earlier this year after pleading guilty to charge of bankruptcy fraud.

Toward the end of his sentence, a judge decreed that Joe must be deported back to his native country of Italy because he broke federal law as a non-United States citizen.

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In the ensuing months, Joe was been kept in custody of The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and then released under the condition that he go immediately back to Italy.

This is where he’s currently residing.

Fresh off a reunion with his family, Joe was probably in a decent mood over the last few days – but now he’s been dealt a possibly fatal blow in his ongoing legal case.

Joseph Giudice

As detailed, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star had pleaded with the Third Circut Court on November 12 to allow him to present an oral argument after the court decided to cancel his initial hearing date in regard to his final deportation appeal.

We can now confirm that a judge has ruled on that request.

Joe’s oral argument request has been denied.

Soaking Up the Italian Sun

On Tuesday, November 19, a court order sent to Giudice’s lawyer informed the 49-year-old ex-convict that he would not be getting a chance to explain his side in court.

Radar Online, a sometimes-accurate celebrity gossip outlet here in the United States, was the first outlet to report on this piece of news, which was later confirmed independently by other sources.

Does this mean for certain that Joe will never live in America ever again?


Not necessarily, as he and his team can still submit paperwork.

However, an oral argument was seen as an important way for Joe to get his points across in person, as simply looking into the eyes of another human being can sometimes be all it takes for a judge to be persuaded.

There’s no set date for the final appeal decision to be reached.

Joe Giudice and Family

There’s also no date set for when Teresa will file for divorce from Joe, but all indications point to the impending conclusion of this long-term marriage.

Neither husband nor wife seems very confident in their future as spouses.

Teresa told Andy Cohen during the couple’s joint interview last month:

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“I’ve been on my own now for three years and seven months and … we’re both two different people now and I don’t know. I’m not the same Teresa I was and I know he’s not the same Joe."

As for Joe? 

He seems resigned to the fate of his relationship, even if he’s not happy about it and still bitter about how it all went down.

Teresa Touches Joe

Was she faithful to him? Is she "just friends" with that Blake guy now? Joe has his doubts, but at the same time, he’ll live.

“Listen, as long as she’s happy, that’s all that really matters,” he told the Bravo producer in this same interview, adding:

“I’m not going to tell her what to do. If she doesn’t feel like she wants to be with me anymore, that’s the thing to do.”