Goo Hara Found Dead of Possible Suicide; K-Pop Star Was 28

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Sad news from the world of Korean pop music today.

Multiple sources have now confirmed that singer Goo Hara of the popular group Kara has been found dead inside her home in Seoul.

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She was just 28 years old.

Hara's death comes just six months after she was hospitalized following a suicide attempt.

The cause of death has yet to be determined, and the Yonhap news agency reports that a full investigation is underway.

While it may be quite some time before definitive information about the cause of death is made public, police in Seoul have revealed that there is reason to believe Hara took her own life.

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"A handwritten note that was pessimistic about her life was found on a living room table," said Lee Yong-pyo, commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. 

"A handwritten note that was pessimistic about her life was found on a living room table,"

Following her previous hospitalization, Hara informed fans that she was "in agony over a number of issues."

Hara's death comes just one month after her friend and fellow K-Pop star Sulli committed suicide after enduring a barrage of online bullying.

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Hara has been a vocal critic of social media harassment.

In June, she revealed that she has been battling depression, and fans concluded that the harsh treatment she received online served to exacerbate her condition.

Another factor that likely played a role in Hara's depressed mental state was the abuse she endured at the hands  of her ex-boyfriend,  Choi Jong-bum.

According to Newsweek, Jong-bum was found guilty of assault and harassment and had recently been threatening to release explicit photos of Hara taken while the two of them were still dating.

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Hara's final Instagram post (above) was captioned simply, "Good night."

The comments section has become a place for fans to express their love for her music and share their feelings of grief.

"Goo Hara, I hope you can finally rest in peace," wrote one follower.

"I remember being so happy when I got your photocard. Seeing your goofy and adorable self on all those variety shows always brings a smile to my face....thank you.

Our thoughts go out to Hara's loved ones during this difficult time.

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