Donald Trump to Meghan Markle: You're Too Weak For Public Life! You Need to Develop a Thick Skin, Like Me!

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Folks, there's irony, and then there's whatever the hell this is.

As you know, self-proclaimed billionaire Donald John Trump is famous for many things -- a complexion the color of ripe mango flesh, the most corrupt presidential administration in US history, and of course, the introduction of the phrase "Russian pee tape" into the journalistic mainstream.

Donald Trump is Irate

But one thing the Donald is not known for is his ability to withstand criticism.

In fact, we've eaten apples with thicker skins than the current American president.

(If you're keeping score at home, we've now compared Trump to two different fruits, and neither of them was an orange! #Trailblazing)

So the idea of 45 offering advice to anyone on how to endure the slings and arrows of negative press coverage is downright hilarious.

Donald Trump in Missouri

But the most unintentionally funny politician in American history decided to bless us with a Friday afternoon chuckle by doing exactly that:

Trump enjoys speaking with the Brexit folks across the pond because ass-kissing Brits like Piers Morgan live to boost our president's self-esteem.

So it's no great surprise that Trump sat down for a live radio interview with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

What is surprising is that Donnie took the opportunity to encourage Meghan Markle to toughen up a bit.

Donald Trump and Meghan Markle

"Well I’ve been watching her interviews and I’ve seen it and she’s taking it very personally," Trump responded when asking about Duchess Meghan's handling of negative press coverage.

"I guess you’ve got to be a little bit different than that but she takes it very personally and I can understand it. But I don’t know her."

Asked for his feelings on Prince Harry, Trump had this to say:

‘I met him when I was over at that incredible… we had something that was so incredible recently.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in S. Africa

"What that was five months ago, time flies. He’s a great young man. The whole family is great, it’s a great family."

This whole thing is funny for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Trump clearly tries but fails to remember the name of an event he attended a few months ago.

If his memory were a little sharper, he'd probably recall that Meghan snubbed him at said event.

He might also remember that she had good reason to do so, as Trump called Meghan a "nasty woman" just prior to touching down in the UK.

It's a testament to her grace and dignity that Meg chose not to fire back at Trump -- she knows better than to go after such low-hanging fruit.

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