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Last week, Donald Trump made his first official visit to the UK.

And as just about everyone predicted, it was an irredeemable sh-tshow.

Queen and President
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Prior to touching down in London, Trump referred to Meghan Markle as a "nasty" woman, because nothing sets the stage for a friendly visit quite like roasting your hosts for a comment one of them made three years ago.

Not surprisingly, Meghan was not on hand for the president’s official banquet, and Prince Harry snubbed Trump in his own way, reportedly refusing to acknowledge the orange elephant in the room.

For the most part, the Sussexes were applauded for their decision to flip the Trump the royal bird in such public fashion.

But as The Daily Beast‘s royal editor Tom Sykes points out in his latest column, the decision to dodge the Donald carried with it profound complications:

Greetings, Everyone
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"While William and Kate appear to have accepted they must do their duty, put country before their own personal feeling (by, for example, attending the state dinner held in President Trump’s honor), Harry and Meghan are making it very clear that they will be led first and foremost by ethical considerations," Sykes wrote.

That sounds great — and it is! — but traditionally, the role of the royal family has been to keep the peace with foreign nations, except in cases of extreme hostility.

We’re talking "hostility" on the level of wars and sanctions, not snarky comments to Piers Morgan.

Donald Trump is Irate
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To be clear, we are in no way defending Trump, and we believe Meghan had every right to snub him for talking trash.

But we can see why royal traditionalists might have qualms about Markle taking what some might interpret as a stand against the UK’s staunchest ally.

"Meghan’s steadfast refusal to participate in the Trump circus was generally greeted by the public as an appropriate response to Trump’s bizarre insults of her and his history of misogyny and racism," Sykes wrote.

"It has, however, provoked a few tuts of disapproval amongst old-school palace insiders.

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"She is an American and she is a senior member of the royal family, therefore it was perceived by her critics as rather odd that she was not on hand to greet another American."

This is yet another example of how royal life is not all it’s cracked up to be — sometimes, you’re forced to be polite to people who have done nothing to deserve politeness.

Clearly, the only way the Duchess can make this right is to change her name to #MAGA Markle.

We kid, Trump has already moved on to his next outrage.