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Amy Roloff still has a lot to say about her mother.

The Little People, Big World matriarch has posted in detail on numerous occasions over the past few weeks, using the time and space to pay tribute to her late mother, Patricia.

Photo via Instagram

The latter sadly passed away at the age of 86 on September 24.

That was over a month ago, of course, but the pain is still very much raw for Amy.

She and her loved ones laid Patricia to rest a few days ago and Amy is posing above at her mom’s grave.

Photo via Instagram

"Went to my Mon’s gravesite today," wrote Roloff as her latest caption, explaining in heartbreaking detail:

"To feel her presence, talk w/ her, pray and be thankful for what her life gave to me. Can hardly believe that it’s been one month since my Mom’s passing and one week since her memorial.

"Still feels like just yesterday."

Amy Roloff at a Funeral

This isn’t the first time Amy has penned a beautiful message about Patricia.

But there’s no limit on one’s grief, of course. We’d understand if she kept mentioning her mom everyday for the rest of the year.

Continued the reality star here:

Amy Roloff and Pumpkins

Sometimes you just don’t feel or want to move on but you must.

That is one of several reasons I wanted to stay a little longer and be here to hang out with my Dad when the memorial service was over, when a lot of my family needed to get back to their home and it’s just you.

Just maybe I may help him move on a little easier and realize a new normal.

Amy Roloff Offers Up Treats

Amy has never provided an exact cause of death for her mother.

But it’s our understanding that Patricia suffered some sort of bone infection from which she never recorded.

"It’s hard, very hard and sometimes sad that she’s not here anymore, except in our hearts and memories," continued Amy here, thinking of her remaining parent and adding:

"I’m glad I could be here with him."

Amy Roloff with Her Parents

This tragedy struck Amy during an ironic time, not long as she and Chris Marek got engaged.

So it’s been quite a roller coaster of emotion of late for the beloved mother of four.

"For my Dad he’s missing the person that was his friend, love, wife and mother for collectively over 70 years," Amy now says.

Amy Roloff, Home in Michigan

She concludes:

"What a legacy. Love my family and I rejoice because of her faith in the Lord, she’s with him now and not in pain anymore."

"Rest In Peace I love you Mom."

Photo via Instagram

And this is how she concluded her moving message:

As the rain drizzles down, I stand in the quiet among the trees and listen to remember her so I don’t forget.

Now my mind begins to shift slightly as I think about coming home to my kids, Chris, my family.

Photo via Instagram

I have a new grand child coming soon and another a month and half later, projects, work, plans to create more memories.

Life moves on whether we’re ready or not. I have my mom in my heart, faith and love. Coming to her gravesite reminds me that life moves on and I’m going to keep doing my best.

Love you Mom.