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As a result of selecting Cassie Randolph as his favorite suitor to conclude the latest season of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood has realized that two things are awesome:

ONE: Sex.

TWO: Cassie Randolph herself.

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The country’s most famous virgin at the time he competed as the lead on the aforementioned ABC reality competition, Underwood has since discovered how great it can be to make love.

And, as good fortune would have it, Colton has been able to make love with someone he actually loves.

Just ask Underwood himself.

The reality star jumped on Instagram over the weekend to share multiple photos of himself kissing Cassie, along with a lovely tribute to her on the occasion of their one-year anniversary.

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"One year ago today they put the cameras down and we cooked our first meal together in Mallorca, Spain," wrote Underwood, referencing a scene he filmed in 2018 with Randolph.

Added the former professional football player:

"I knew then that loving you was going to be easy, but I couldn’t have imagined this. You have shown me the power of love and I never knew that I could love like this.

‘I secretly love when you correct me when I mispronounce words or when I leave a mess in the kitchen and you make me clean it up."

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Colton then concluded as follows:

"I love all of the small moments in our life just as much as the big ones. Thank you for making me the happiest man alive. I love all of you Cass."

Pretty sweet, huh?

Perhaps these two can break The Bachelor curse and actually make it down the aisle.

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Colton, who also gushed like crazy over Cassie back in March, did not take a straight road to this romantic destination.

He had to go back to her hotel room and actually win her over during his Bachelor run after she took herself off the program at first and said she was going home.

But Underwood was able to convince her otherwise, promising the two could go slow and not actually get engaged on the finale, as it the case on most finales of this ridiculous show, of course.

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Randolph, meanwhile, Cassie shared her own sweet social media post about her hunky beau on the same day.

“Happy year!! I can’t believe we’ve already been together for a year," she wrote, concluding:

"Although it does feel like I’ve known you for much longer, this year went by in the blink of an eye.

It was full of lots of changes, growth, and a million amazing memories with you. I am the luckiest girl. I couldn’t ask for anything more than to have a man like you by my side.

"You mean the world to me. I love you, best friend … Now let’s get another Sangria."

We Are in Love!

We’re really rooting for these two to make it.

But we’re also looking ahead already.

A new season of this beloved competition kicks off in January, and we’re uncovered a boatload of The Bachelor spoilers over the Internet.

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