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Maybe it’s because we’re just weeks away from a new season of Vanderpump Rules, or perhaps it’s because he remains a massive douche, and some people are fascinated by that.

But whatever the case, Jax Taylor has been in the news a lot lately.

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Most of the coverage has had to do with calls for Taylor to be fired from by Bravo in response to his homophobic tirade on Twitter.

In case you missed it, Jax sought out a random person to bully on Twitter (something the 40-year-old does quite often, believe it or not), and for some reason, he thought it would be hilarious to repeatedly accuse him of being a closeted gay man.

Clearly, Taylor thinks this the worst insult imaginable, as it’s often his go-to when harassing social media users.

Many had hoped that Taylor’s bosses, Bravo president Andy Cohen and VPR producer Lisa Vanderpump — who has frequently been accused of failure to put her money where her mouth is with regard to her LGBTQ+ activism — would do the right thing and can his eternally-problematic ass.

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More than a week later, however, no action has been taken, and it appears there’s no end to the tolerance for Taylor’s bigotry and bullying.

But let’s put that issue aside momentarily and focus on one of the many other ways in which Jax sucks out loud — his treatment of women.

Despite the fact that he was caught cheating on her just months before he proposed, Taylor married Brittany Cartwright back in June.

Rumors of problems in the marriage began almost immediately because … well, did we mention the bit about Taylor being a rageaholic serial cheater?

Brittany Cartwright and Jax

Jax was spotted without his wedding ring less than two months after he and Brittany tied the knot, and many hoped that Brittany had seen the light and called it quits.

It doesn’t appear that was the case — but that doesn’t mean all is well with the troubled couple.

“She and Jax are trying to have a baby,” a source close to the Taylors recently told Radar Online

“She is getting stressed and worried about getting pregnant.”

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The insider did not indicate whether the pressure is from Jax, or from the public, or if it’s simply pressure Cartwright is placing upon herself.

Whatever the case, we wish Taylor and Cartwright all the best in their efforts to start a family.

To be clear, Jax is the absolute worst, but that’s certainly not Brittany’s fault, and we hope she’s able to become a mom in the very near future, if that’s what she desires.

If it seems like we’re not really interested in reporting on any potential conception difficulties, and we’re just using this story as an excuse to reiterate our stance that Jax should be fired for his homophobic bullying … well, you may be onto something,