Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Preview: Stassi & Kristen Flat-Out Hate Each Other!

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As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 doesn't debut on Bravo until January 7, but a new trailer released today reveals that the show is attempting a tricky balancing act by mixing some fresh new faces with the SURvers we already know and ... well, love is a strong word. 

Tolerate, maybe?

Anyway, most reality shows start showing signs of age around the season-8 mark, which is probably why producers decided to inject some new blood into the proceedings.

But the OG cast claims they brought plenty of drama in their own right over the summer -- in fact, they say this is the show's most dramatic season yet.

Given what we've learned so far -- and the fact that fans are already calling for Jax Taylor to be fired -- we're inclined to believe them.

Check out our full breakdown of VPR S8 trailer, along with the latest on the intense feud between Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute:


1. Lisa Breaks It Down

Lisa Breaks It Down
You know sh-t is about to get real when the trailer opens with Lisa Vanderpump explaining that sh-t is about to get real.

2. What Lies Ahead

Before we proceed any further check out this newly-released footage from Vanderpump Season 8 and decide for yourself if the histrionic tone is justified.

3. The Post-Mortem

The Post-Mortem
It's a lot to take in. But are we really in for some explosive drama, or is this compelling trailer just the result of clever editing? And who are all those new faces? Let's dissect this thing scene-by-scene, shall we?

4. Back When Bros Were Bros

Back When Bros Were Bros
Hazy flashbacks? A slowed-down, hyper-dramatic version of the theme song? Is this a new season of Vanderpump Rules or is Game of Thrones coming back to TV for a do-over?

5. Bro, No You Didn't!

Bro, No You Didn't!
Looks like Jax Taylor is pissed at Tom Sandoval. Is Jax just deflecting and gas-lighting because HE got caught doing something terrible again? Yes, but we'll have to wait until January to officially confirm that.

6. The Sandoval Sob

The Sandoval Sob
Yes, the Tears of Sandoval will once again make an appearance this season. Probably several appearances, in fact.

7. Flashbacks Galore

Flashbacks Galore
Yes, the ladies are also feuding. We know this because there's a blue-hued call back to happier times.

8. Violet-Colored Glasses

Violet-Colored Glasses
For the moment, producers want you to ignore the fact that the SUR girls also beefed a lot back in the day, and at least one of them is persona non grata every season.

9. On Doute Duty

On Doute Duty
Yes, this year it's Kristen's turn. We knew she was feuding with Stassi, but apparently, the rest of the Witches of WeHo have fully sided with the Goth Queen From New Orleans.

10. The Kristen Crisis

The Kristen Crisis
Doute ran afoul of the rest of the crew last season, but it seems this year, she's really on the outs.

11. In Exile

In Exile
Stassi has unfollowed her on Instagram (the 2019 equivalent of a pre-duel glove slap to the face), and Kristen was not in attendance at a recent party held in honor of Schroeder's engagement to Beau Clark

12. Tears of Irrelevance

Tears of Irrelevance
We're seeing lots of crying from the original cast this year, and with all these newcomers, they may have reason to shed a few tears. After all, producers don't usually recruit new faces unless they feel they have a reason to.

13. Meet Brett Caprioni

Meet Brett Caprioni
Brett Caprioni is one of the new SUR staffers. His bio says he recently moved to LA after a "devastating breakup" and is best friends with Max Boyens.

14. Max Boyens

Max Boyens
Max is the general manager of Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval's new restaurant TomTom. His bio describes him as "living his best life," which is wildly obnoxious.

15. Dayna Kathan

Dayna Kathan
Max is in a pseudo-relationship with fellow VPR newcomer Dayna Kathan. Based on what we see in the trailer, it's not going so hot.

16. Charli Burnett

Charli Burnett
SURver Charli Burnett is also joining the show this season. Her bio identifies her as "an aspiring model and actress," which pretty much goes without saying.

17. Danica Dow

Danica Dow
The group of newcomers is rounded out by Danica Dow. She's described as the youngest GM in SUR history ... but she doesn't appear in the trailer. Way to show your appreciation, Lisa!

18. Call Us Skeptical

Call Us Skeptical
We're always a little wary of new cast members, but to be fair, Vanderpump has strayed pretty far from its original premise, as most of the current cast members said goodbye to their twenties long ago, and none of them has paid the bills by working in a restaurant in quite some time. But Lisa says these new kids have major "problems," so maybe there's hope ...

19. Back to the OGS

Back to the OGS
Perhaps as a reminder of what drew you to this show in the first place, the new footage concludes with this money shot -- Britanny Cartwright sobbing on a pizza on what appears to be her wedding day.

20. New Credits

New Credits
After that, it's our first glimpse of the Vanderpump Rules Season 8 credits.

21. A Burgeoning Group

A Burgeoning Group
The credits get more crowded every year, and the show has had mixed results with regard to new cast members.

22. Growing Pains

Growing Pains
For every Lala Kent or James Kennedy, there's been a Vail Bloom of Billie Lee who didn't stick around.

23. Fine-Tuning

Hopefully, this bunch includes more of the former than the latter.

24. The Purse Toss

The Purse Toss
And, of course, no season of Vanderpump would be complete without Lisa randomly hurling her handbag to close out the credits.

25. The Group Shot

The Group Shot
Like we said, we're a little wary, but ultimately excited. Let us hear your take in the comments!

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