Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Preview: Stassi & Kristen Flat-Out Hate Each Other!

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As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 doesn't debut on Bravo until January 7, but a new trailer released today reveals that the show is attempting a tricky balancing act by mixing some fresh new faces with the SURvers we already know and ... well, love is a strong word. 

Tolerate, maybe?

Anyway, most reality shows start showing signs of age around the season-8 mark, which is probably why producers decided to inject some new blood into the proceedings.

But the OG cast claims they brought plenty of drama in their own right over the summer -- in fact, they say this is the show's most dramatic season yet.

Given what we've learned so far -- and the fact that fans are already calling for Jax Taylor to be fired -- we're inclined to believe them.

Check out our full breakdown of VPR S8 trailer, along with the latest on the intense feud between Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute:


1. Lisa Breaks It Down

Lisa Breaks It Down
You know sh-t is about to get real when the trailer opens with Lisa Vanderpump explaining that sh-t is about to get real.

2. What Lies Ahead

Before we proceed any further check out this newly-released footage from Vanderpump Season 8 and decide for yourself if the histrionic tone is justified.

3. The Post-Mortem

The Post-Mortem
It's a lot to take in. But are we really in for some explosive drama, or is this compelling trailer just the result of clever editing? And who are all those new faces? Let's dissect this thing scene-by-scene, shall we?

4. Back When Bros Were Bros

Back When Bros Were Bros
Hazy flashbacks? A slowed-down, hyper-dramatic version of the theme song? Is this a new season of Vanderpump Rules or is Game of Thrones coming back to TV for a do-over?

5. Bro, No You Didn't!

Bro, No You Didn't!
Looks like Jax Taylor is pissed at Tom Sandoval. Is Jax just deflecting and gas-lighting because HE got caught doing something terrible again? Yes, but we'll have to wait until January to officially confirm that.

6. The Sandoval Sob

The Sandoval Sob
Yes, the Tears of Sandoval will once again make an appearance this season. Probably several appearances, in fact.

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