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Just over two months ago, Isabel Rock agreed to be Jacob Roloff’s wife forever and ever.

She and the former Little People, Big World star got married in Oregon.

Now, though, Rock has issued an unexpected statement on Instagram in which she makes it clear that she’s totally fine with some folks out there NOT committing to her account for any long period of time.

Isabel Rock Pic

Simply put, "You can unfollow me," writes Rock to open a lengthy new social media message, prior to delving into all her reasons why:

Wait, what? My intention for that is to put it gently, please don’t follow me if you do not resonate with me — my energy or my words.

The fact that they are taking away “likes” here on this app has been a topic of discussion for a lot of individuals I follow and it’s confusing to me why it needs to be talked about. Likes are gone.

Why does it matter? Some of my favorite people on the planet don’t even have Instagram.

Bride. Groom. Gorgeous.

Rock and Roloff have been a romantic item for years.

They live sort of off the grid, traveling around the Pacific Northwest with their two dogs and their RV and just living a care-free, nomadic existence.

Isabel is an artist and a poet, while Jacob starred on his family’s TLC reality show untiil quitting in the summer of 2016.

Continued Rock in her post:

My poetry I share gets the least “engagement” by far on my page and you can probably guess what gets the most. That doesn’t mean I’m not good at writing.

But that’s just kind of what it has all come to.

Jacob and Isabel Together

Rock and Roloff buried any hatchets with the former’s family members a long time ago.

Jacob is now often seen hanging out with his nephew Jackson, for example.

And yet the couple does keep very much to itself, not posting often on social media and keeping a major distance from all things actually related to Little People, Big World.

Isabel, meanwhile, really had a lot to say in this fascinating message, as we’ve italicized more of it below…

A Big Kiss for Isabel Rock

These platforms we have built can definitely be used for good and I witness that all the time, it’s a truly beautiful thing. That is what I intend to use mine for.

To share companies and brands I enjoy, to share photos of my experiences as a human on earth, and to share words from my heart.

That is really it. If you do not like it, that is more than okay. We are all seeking different things here. I remember when I used to think my value was based on numbers on a profile and thankfully, my mindset has changed. We are so much more.

And we are definitely not obligated to follow or engage with anybody on here that makes us feel bad about ourselves or envious of the life they are living.

To me, that is not the point of this. I don’t care about quantity, more so quality. So I won’t be offended if you decide I’m not your cup of tea.

Photo via Instagram

The Roloffs as a whole use Instagram in many different ways.

Tori typically just shares pictures of her son and maybe a few pieces of advice here or there.

Both Audrey and Amy also post family photos, but also promote their personal brands or companies.

Isabel and Jacob, meanwhile, pick their spots and often try to toss out profound words of wisdom whenever they come to mind. 

Isabel Rock and Jacob R

Which is how we’ll wrap this up: With Isabel’s concluding message…

My advice is to share your art and writing and medicine outside of this space — use this more as a tool than anything. Check up on people outside of this space — send them a text or handwritten letter if you’re old fashioned.

Don’t focus so much on the people you follow — your life is full and wonderful too, even if you do not post about it. This is isn’t our entire lives, at least it shouldn’t be.

It’s simply a place we can share it with others, and to connect with people from all over the world. Let’s leave it at that.