Little People, Big World Cast: Then vs. Now

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Little People, Big World debuted on TLC in 2006.

Yes, 2006!

The Roloff family has therefore been in our lives for 11 years and counting, which is nothing short of incredible when you think about it.

Through many seasons of this reality show, we've seen couples get together and split up, while others have gotten married and still others have welcomed their first children.

Everyone has come a very long way.

Scroll through the photos below to see just how far each cast member has come...

1. Back in the Day...

Back in the Day...
How crazy is this family photo?!? Matt and Amy Roloff are no longer married and Jacob has quit the series.

2. Little Jacob!

Little Jacob!
Only 10 years old when he started on TLC, Jacob grew up before our very eyes.

3. All Grown Up

All Grown Up
Jacob quit the show in 2016. He'snow 20 years old and spends most of his time on the road, traveling with his girlfriend and two dogs.

4. Little Zach!

Little Zach!
Look at little Zach Roloff back in the day. Can you believe he's a married father now?!?

5. The Wedding

The Wedding
Zach exchanged vows with Tori in July of 2015. Look how happy they are!

6. And Look at Who They Made Together!

And Look at Who They Made Together!
Jackson Kyle Roloff was born to the couple on May 12, 2017.

7. Little Jeremy!

Little Jeremy!
Jeremy is twins with Zach, but he was not born with the gene for dwarfism. This is a photo of the siblings from Season 2.

8. And Now He's Expecting!

And Now He's Expecting!
Jeremy and wife Audrey will welcome a girl in September of 2017. It will be their first child!

9. Little Molly!

Little Molly!
Molly Roloff was 13 years old when TLC first turned its cameras in her direction.

10. Now She's Engaged!

Now She's Engaged!
Molly does not play a prominent role on Little People, Big World. But she's on very good terms with her parents and is showing off her engagement ring here, alongside her mom.

11. Matt Roloff, During More Stable Times

Matt Roloff, During More Stable Times
Little People, Big World kicked off with a focus on Matt and Amy Roloff, a married couple who are both just a little more than foyr-feet tall and who run a 34-acre farm in Oregon.

12. Amy Roloff, During More Stable Times

Amy Roloff, During More Stable Times
And here's a look at Amy with her family members, long before she and Matt ended their marriage.

13. Apart, But Together

Apart, But Together
Matt and Amy filed for divorce after 26 years of marriage. But they remain somewhat close and still star together on the series.

14. Amy Has Moved One

Amy Has Moved One
She is now dating a man named Chris. He's been featured often on the show. Things seem serious.

15. All These Years Later...

All These Years Later...
There have been births, divorces, marriages, break-ups and new romances. But the Roloffs have remained relatively close through it all.

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