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Well folks, Kanye West is back in the news these days, which means we’re spending a lot of time torn between our desire to joke about his bizarre behavior and our fear that we’re making fun of someone who’s off his meds and genuinely in need of an intervention.

And it looks like we’re not alone in our concern for the state of Yeezy’s mental health.

Kanye West on Netflix

As you’ve probably heard by now, Kanye just released a new album entitled Jesus Is King.

Now, we’re not saying the shift toward gospel-y sounds and lyrics is necessarily a red flag, but when someone who was already pretty religious suddenly becomes super religious, well … that’s often a sign that it’s a good time to check up on them.

After all, it’s not like Kanye decided he should ramp up his church attendance.

No, instead, he "asked" people who work with him to stop having premarital sex, which in addition to being creepy AF is highly illegal.

Hello There, Wife

Big difference there.

Anyway, a new album means a new tour.

And a new tour means Kanye’s wife is understandably concerned about the possibility of Kanye having one of his famous meltdowns on the road.

Yes, according to a new report from Radar Online Kim Kardashian is taking steps to ensure that Kanye’s tour will operate as smoothly as possible.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Versace

Now, this is a Kanye West tour we’re talking about, so we’re assuming some rough patches are expected — but an insider tells the site that Kim has assembled a crack team of private investigators and mental health professionals for the purpose of following Kanye and ensuring that all is well.

“Kanye will be watched, even if he doesn’t know about it,” says the source.

“He says he’s fine and doesn’t need help but Kim’s nervous so she’s making sure he’s under a watchful eye – or 5,” the insider added.

The informant went on to say that the team members will report to Kim directly, and the hope is that Kanye will not be aware of their existence.

Kimye at the Cher Show

“They’ll report to her and if there’s any warning signs she’ll essentially send them in," says the source.

Seems like Kim isn’t doing the greatest job of keeping this mission a secret — but it also sounds like she’s not overly concerned about ‘Ye finding out about her efforts to keep an eye on him. 

“Kanye would be fuming if Kim told him what she’s done but she couldn’t care less,” the insider admitted.

“She doesn’t want him losing his mind and she’ll do anything she can to ensure it doesn’t happen.”

We understand the need to monitor Kanye’s activities, but hiring a team of spies to follow a guy with paranoid tendencies sounds like a recipe for disaster.