Sammi Giancola Claps Back at Haters: Of COURSE I Haven't Had Plastic Surgery!

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It's been a good long while now since Jersey Shore made its glorious return to MTV, and you know what?

We still kind of miss Sammi.

Sammi Sweetheart Pre-Summer Selfie

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola was such a huge part of the show back in the day -- like, can you even think of Jersey Shore without going "RON STAAAAAHP"?!

Her relationship drama with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was just so intense all the time, and it caused more drama between the rest of the housemates ...

If you would have told us a couple of years ago that the show could survive without her, we'd have had a tough time believing you.

But, of course, we would have been wrong.

The Jersey Shore Ladies Reunite

In 2017, when MTV did a Jersey Shore reunion followed up by a complete revival, Sammi wanted no part of it.

And that's always made sense -- after all, she was no longer with Ronnie, and with how toxic their relationship was, of course she wouldn't want to live in a house with him.

It also seemed like she just wasn't interested in going back to that time in her life, which, again, was totally fair.

Sammi on the 'Gram

So what's she been doing while her former fellow cast members have been back on reality television?

She's kind of private these days, but we do know that she got engaged!

It looks like she's super happy with her soon-to-be husband, and we imagine she's thrilled that she dodged the massive, terrifying bullet that Ron turned out to be.


(Seriously, can you imagine reading about all of Ron's recent horror stories with Jen Harley and having that guy be your ex?)

We also know that unlike some of the other Jersey Shore ladies, she's been choosing to age naturally.

How do we know that, you may be wondering?

Sammi and boyfriend, Christian Biscardi, post a selfie

Because she said so on Instagram!

Earlier this week, Sammi went down to the beach and took a quick little selfie video. A screenshot of it appears above.

She looks great, right? Just like always.

Still, someone felt the need to comment with "She looks totally different now. Doesn't even look the same. Smh."

Sammi on the beach

That's not very nice, is it?

Especially because it's not even true, and besides, she's wearing huge sunglasses that are covering most of her face.

Don't worry though, we don't need to defend Sammi Sweetheart in this case ... because she did that herself.

Sammi Sweetheart Selfie

She replied to the rude comment with this simple retort: "Guess old age will change ya," along with that shrug emoji.

Delightful, right?

Her followers jumped in to say that she doesn't look different, that she's just as gorgeous as she ever was, and it's all very sweet.

Sammi at the MTV Movie Awards

Really, if she looks different than she did ten years ago when Jersey Shore premiered, it's because, like she said, she aged, and she also looks like she may have lost a tiny little bit of weight.

Not that she needed to, of course.

She does her eyebrows differently too, which can change a face in a surprisingly significant way.

We're just happy that if she doesn't feel comfortable being on reality TV anymore, then at least she's cool with sharing selfies and updates and, when called for, clapbacks like this one.

Miss you, Sam! XO XO

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