Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Debut Hilariously Censored Baby Pic

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively just shared yet another tantalizing glimpse into their beautiful life together.

Only two weeks ago, the celebrity couple welcomed a new baby into their home and hearts.

Now Ryan has taken to Twitter to share the first photo of the happy couple's newborn daughter.

Ryan Reynolds with Blake Lively and Baby #3

Um, almost.

Ryan and Blake are one of those celebrity couples who truly value their children's privacy.

The Detective Pikachu actor clearly wants to show off his newest baby to his throngs of adoring fans.

But if you were expecting this moment to be a grand reveal, a la the first scene from The Lion King, you may be disappointed.

Simba Rafiki Pride Rock Baby Reveal

Ryan and Blake's newest progeny is definitely featured in the photo, but Ryan drew a silly smiley face over his daughter's actual face.

It's a sensible decision, since a two-month-old baby can't really consent to be photographed.

Hats off to Ryan for choosing such an amusing way to respect his child's privacy.

blake lively ryan reynolds censored baby zoom

Ryan and Blake have repeatedly shown that they take all their children's privacy very seriously. 

The couple's other daughters, four-year-old James, and Inez, two, are hardly ever photographed.

We only learned that Blake had given birth to a girl a couple weeks ago, months after the fact. 

And we still don't even know the little bundle of joy's name!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Say Hi

Contrast this to any of the Kardashian or Duggar babes, whose faces are plastered all over social media every few days.

It's clear Blake and Ryan have a very different parenting style.

Of course, it's not for us to say how much privacy celebs should give their kids.

Maybe True Thompson will one day look back and love that every moment of her childhood was so thoroughly recorded.

And perhaps Ryan's daughter will look back and giggle about how her first photos look like her parents are toting around a Cabbage Patch Kid in lieu of a human child.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Either way, fans on Twitter went crazy for the sweet photo.

"Such a beautiful family," wrote one adoring commentor.

Ryan is known for his playful sense of humor,  and of course plenty of his fans were totally in on the joke.

"Your baby has Blake's smile," jeered one cheeky user.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Then again, some other fans seemed to not even notice.

"A serious post from you!" exclaimed one commentor who should probably look again.

"Very rare, but a good one!" the commentor continued.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Children

That commentor was likely referring to the actual message of Ryan's post, which was meant to raise awareness about voting and climate policy.

"I love B.C.," Ryan begins in the post's caption, inserting the Canadian flag emoji.

He continues, "I want my daughters to experience the same natural playground that I grew up in."

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Together

"On Oct. 21," he explains, "the candidate you vote for will SHAPE CLIMATE POLICY."

Ryan goes on to say, "I'm proud of the climate progress made the last 4 years."

He concludes by imploring fans to "Click Elections.ca for voting info."

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Kids

It's always great when celebs champion noble causes, and climate policy is one of the most urgent issues of our generation.

We're particularly impressed that this couple managed to share a loving family moment with fans, while advocating for social change at the same time.

We hope that generations to come will be able to soak in the wilderness with their loved ones, just like these three.

Great job, Ryan and Blake. We're still waiting on that baby name, though!

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