Todd Chrisley Claims Daughter Slept with Georgia Tax Official, Threatened to Release Her Sex Tape

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In an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw that will air on Thursday night, Lindsie Chrisley confirms something obvious about her father:

The guy is an enormous slimeball.

Like, just really giant and huge and downright enormous.

these chrisleys

The wealthy real estate tycoon has risen to small screen fame over the years as the patriarch of a USA Network reality show titled "Chrisley Knows Best."

It chronicles the lives of Todd, his wife Julie and some of their kids -- including daughter Lindsie, up until about two years ago.

It was around this time that two things happened:

  1. Authorities started investigating Todd and Julie for tax evasion.
  2. Todd and his son, Chase, allegedly started trying to blackmail Lindsie to assist in this case by lying to said authorities.

How did they do this?

By telling Lindsie they would release a sex tape they had purchased of her unless she followed their orders and helped mislead investigators.

Todd and Lindsie Chrisley

Todd, of course, has not admitted to such a scheme.

But former Bachelor star Robby Hayes has confessed to (accidentally) making a sex tape with Lindsie and no one who has been following this story doubts that the extortion attempt took place.

And now Lindsie is opening up a new chapter in this story.

In the aforementioned chat with Dr. Phil, Lindsie claims that Todd approached her at some point in the past and accused her of having an affair with someone at the Georgia Dept. of Revenue's Office named Joshua Waites.

Lindsie denied this accusation.

But Todd and Julie have actually filed a lawsuit that alleges Waites at least tried to cozy up Lindsie in order to influence his department's investigation.

They provided text messages between Waites and Lindsie, such as the one below, as evidence:

sample text

For the record, Todd and Julie were indicted for federal tax evasion in August.

They were just cleared last week on a state leval, but the couple is still facing charges -- and many years in prison -- on a federal level.

Back to Lindsie, though:

She also tells Dr. Phil that, after she scoffed at her dad's assertion of her affair with Waites, Todd strongly implied that he would release her sex tape AND nude photos of his own daughter to the press...

... unless she helped him fight back against these financial fraud charges.

Lindsie denies ever meeting Waites in person, but admits she did communicate with him, merely to protect her son. 

Lindsie Chrisley Photograph

As for the whole sex tape thing?

Todd might as well have confessed to it with this statement two months ago:

"It's heartbreaking and shameful that these kinds of accusations have to be aired in public. We have tried to keep Lindsie's extramarital relationships with [Bachelor Nation stars] Robby Hayes and Josh Murray private for her sake since August of 2016.

"Sadly, for reasons we can only guess at, she ran to the sheriff's office to accuse her brother of buying a sex tape of her and Robby, which was a complete lie, and now she's telling more lies about me."

Yup, Chrisley just outed his daughter for her supposedly unethical sex life.

Lindsie Chrisley and Terrible Dad

He then had the gall to end a subsequent Instagram post as follows:

God is good , we drop our hands and surrender to God and will let God do the rest , you can’t claim FAITH and still express FEAR.

Todd Chrisley is the absolute worst.

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