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Raiven Adams is pregnant with Bear Brown’s baby and has been flaunting her baby bump for fans to admire.

Not everything has been easy. Being pregnant and being famous are hard enough without suddenly doing both at once.

Before leaving Instagram for a while to avoid hateful trolls, Raiven opened up about the hardest part of her pregnancy.

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams

Raiven Adams is about 12 weeks pregnant with Bear Brown’s child.

On social media, she opened up about the most difficult thing about her pregnancy.

"I’m probably very extra about it," she admitted.

Raiven continued: "But I research everything I eat to make sure it’s safe."

"It’s overwhelming sometimes," she acknowledged.

That’s very smart. Some foods that seem harmless or even healthy can be hamrful while pregnant (or breastfeeding).

Raiven also spoke about the difficulties in general of her pregnancy so far.

"Right now it’s hard because I’m always sick," she revealed.

"But," she was sure to emphasize. "I am blessed to have a baby on the way."

That’s great! Unfortunately, her pregnancy is not the only source of trouble in her life.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Engaged

As we mentioned, some "fans" of Alaskan Bush People and of Bear Brown in particular have been dogpiling on Raiven.

They didn’t like that she an Bear were quietly dating for six months before going public. It looks like some envied her.

They didn’t like that she was pansexual — which is straight-up bigotry.

They didn’t like when they got engaged, when they broke up, when they found out that they were expecting, or when they got back together.

And they certainly didn’t like that those things happened in that order.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

Last time, when the barrage of hate and trolls became too much, Raiven ended things with Bear, resolving to remain friends.

This time, she knew that she didn’t want to let these same monsters get to her again.

Instead, she made the wise choice of simply stepping back from social media — from Instagram, specifically.

It’s a shame, but it’s the right move.

Trolls have no power to upset her in her condition if she doesn’t see the vitriol tha they hurl in her direction.

Raiven is not the only one to take a huge step back from Instagram.

This week, Bear Brown took to the same social media site to share an announcement of his own.

"Gonna be off Instagram for a little while!" he revealed.

Thank you everybody!" Bear expressed. "God bless!"

Even when haters are nipping at his heels, the self-described King of Extreme remains so friendly, open, and chill.

Contrary to what weird conspiracy theorists masquerading as fans might say, Raiven was not interested in fame. She’s made that clear.

She and Bear were friends first, only later becoming a couple.

And no, she did not become pregnant in order to "trap" him. She only discovered that she was pregnant after they had broken up.

Alaskan Bush People fans should be overjoyed that the Brown family is getting yet another grandchild.

Most fans are happy about it, of course. But it takes only a few loud negative voices to ruin a good time.

We hope that they both return to Instagram when they’re feeling better about it.