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Annette Roque filed for divorce from Matt Lauer in July.

We’re guessing she wishes she’d never need to talk about her disgraceful ex-husband ever again, not after he was fired by NBC two years ago for sexual misconduct and not after it was revealed that he cheated on Roque numerous times in the past.

But Roque almost has no choice at the moment.

Matt Lauer, wife Annette Roque

As you’re very likely aware, Lauer has been accused of rape.

In a new book written by Ronan Farrow, a former NBC staffer named Brooke Nevils has detailed how the former Today Show co-host threw her down on a bed in 2014 and sexually assaulted her from behind.

Nevils says her anus bled for days as a result of the encounter and that Lauer ignored her pleas for him to stop.

“It was nonconsensual in the sense that I was too drunk to consent,” she reportedly tells Farrow in the book. “It was nonconsensual in that I said, multiple times, that I didn’t want to have anal sex."

Annette Roque
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Lauer has strongly denied this accusation, but now Roque has spoken out for the first time since her ex-husband was let go just over two years ago.

This is what her attorney told People Magazine in a statement:

“In response to your inquiry, our client has asked us to tell you that now that the parties are officially divorced, her priority and only concern is for their wonderful children

"Our client will make no further statements.”

Lauer and Roque were married for over 20 years, but lived very separate lives toward the end of their relationship, even before their divorce was finalized.

They share three kids: Jack Matthew Lauer, Romy Lauer and Thijs Lauer.

Matt Lauer, wife Annette Roque, Throwback

Nevils says in the aforementioned book that she had more sexual encounters with Lauer back in New York City after the alleged rape, according to Variety, telling Farrow:

“It was completely transactional. It was not a relationship.”

Lauer, conversely, has admitted to this affair (among many others), while also stating that all sexual acts between them were completely consesual.

"There was absolutely nothing aggressive about that encounter. Brooke did not do or say anything to object. She certainly did not cry. She was a fully enthusiastic and willing partner," Lauer said in his own statement, adding:

"I have never assaulted anyone or forced anyone to have sex. Period."

Matt Lauer is a Bad Person
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Nevils has since come out and slammed Lauer for victim-shaming her and also all the other women with whom he cheated.

“There’s the Matt Lauer that millions of Americans watched on TV every morning for two decades, and there is the Matt Lauer who this morning attempted to bully a former colleague into silence," Nevils said on Wednesday evening, adding at the time:

“His open letter was a case study in victim blaming. I am not afraid of him now.”

Nevils was the woman whose complaint back in 2017 led to Lauer’s firing.

She chose to remain anonymous at the time in public, but is now done hiding.

Matt Lauer, Pre-Scandal

Taking aim at his mistresses, or possible victims, to conclude his statement this week, Lauer said the following:

"For two years, the women with whom I had extramarital relationships have abandoned shared responsibility, and instead, shielded themselves from blame behind false allegations.

"They have avoided having to look a boyfriend, husband, or a child in the eye and say, ‘I cheated.’

""They have done enormous damage in the process. And I will no longer provide them the shelter of my silence."

This guy sucks so very much.