Maddie Brown Sends Uplifting Message to Moms Everywhere: You Go, Sister Wives Spawn!

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Can you excuse us for a moment?

We'll get right into this post shortly, just as soon as we sit down from standing up and applauding Sister Wives star Maddie Brown...

Maddie Brown Smiling

The long-time TLC personality welcomed her second child into the world on August 30, a daughter named Evangalynn.

We've seen photos of the newborn and she is downright adorable.

One would think that Internet users would simply be happy for Maddie and her family, sending her lots of well wishes and notes of congratulations online in the wake of this blessed development.

But one wouldn't really be familiar with how the Internet works if one is making this presumption.

Allow us to explain...

Maddie Brown, Kids

A few days ago, the occasional Sister Wives player shared the photo below of herself and her two-year old son, Axel.

We take a look at it and we just see a very cute child.

But a bunch of trolls out there apparently took a look at it and decided to give Maddie a hard time for still giving her toddler a pacifier.

This is what Brown wrote at the time in response to the ridiculous criticism:

"Axel’s paci is a hot topic and I receive countless PMs, comments and all of it. People are just trying to be helpful, I get that.

"It’s not helpful though, it makes me feel worse because he was [weaned] at one point.

"It’s something I set up evaluations for, talk to his teachers about, talk to his doctors about because I get so much flack on here it stresses me out that much."


In other words: This is a personal issue and it really isn't anyone's business.

But total strangers made it their business and judged Maddie as a mother for it.

Aware that other women out there have likely been through something similar, Maddie then followed up on Monday with an uplifting message for parents everywhere.

"You do you Momma!” she wrote. “I mean that in literally the best way! You do what’s best for you. Trust me, I struggle remembering this sometimes!"

Maddie continued:

"Yesterday I posted about Axel’s paci and it blew up! I had HUGE amounts of love sent our way! I also had an enormous amount of MOMS reach out to say that they thought they were the only ones.

"A lot of moms tell me they had the same issues and had heard the same things I have."

Maddie Brown and Caleb Brush Gender Reveal

Kody and Janelle Brown’s daughter wasn't done, either.

She added:

“I hope my raw and ‘shove it’ post helped other moms, who are in the trenches and may be struggling, to know that we are all a mess just living day to day here. Or at least I am.

"Sometimes I let things get the better of me. Too often I get on Instagram and feel like I am doing something wrong.

"I have to remind myself Instagram is a highlight real. We all post the VERY best of ourselves and forget that others are doing the same. We get caught up on the picture perfectness of it all.

"That one top of keyboard warriors who feel they know it all."

Maddie Brown and Axel Selfie

Finally, in conclusion:

I wanted to say thank you for the validation and love!

Sometimes the reassurance is nice! I posted because I KNEW I could not be the only one who was going through the same thing! There had to be people out there struggling too! It looks like there definitely is. You do you, momma!

Basically my new mantra. I might repeat it cathartically the next few years.

As you should, Maddie.

We couldn't have said any of this better ourselves.

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