Maddie Brown Shares New Baby Photo, Inspiring Words of Parental Wisdom

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Simly put, you guys?

Maddie Brown for all the wins.

Seriously... every last one of them.

Maddie Brown, Kids

The daughter Kody and Janelle Brown welcomed her second child into the world back on August 20.

The blessed news was kept quiet for a short period of time, prior to the proud grandmother posting a picture of Maddie's kids and writing as a caption:

Axel loves his new little sister Evie (Short for Evangalynn)! Please tell me that other grandmothers can stare at their grandkids photos forever. #grandkids.

Since then, Maddie has been kind enough to post a number of adorable pictures of little Evie, including this one immediately below, which features husband Caleb as well:

Maddie Brown Baby Picture

We love it.

We also love both the latest snapshot Maddie has published to her Instagram account, along with the amazing caption she included along with it.

In the photo, as you're about to see, little Evangalynn is wearing a floral top and donning a yellow bow.

The photo went out to Maddie's 220,000 followers, as did this simple and motivational sentence:

I hope I raise her to think she breathes fire!


Simply perfect, right?

Both the little girl and also Maddie's message here, that she wants Evie to grow up to be strong and confident and ready to take on the world.

With Sister Wives set to premiere amidt a flurry of troubling rumors regarding Kody and his better halves, it's refreshing to have some positive news once in relation to this family.

It's a welcome change, in our opinion.

To keep the smiles flowing, here's another look at Axel and Evie:

Axel and Evie

"Someone once told me parenthood consists of a lot of long days and short years. Something that hits home so hard," Brown wrote on Instagram back on September 12.

She then shared several more thoughts about this unique time in her life.

"Miss Evie is 3 weeks and and Axel is almost 2.5 and I feel like its all become one tiny little blur and time has robbed me," she explained, continuing as follows:

"How did my first baby get so big? Why is my second already almost a month old!?"

We're sure almost every parent out there has asked the same question at some point in his or her journey.

Maddie Brown and Caleb Brush Gender Reveal

Concluded Maddie in this message:

Time is a theif and on days I get irrationally mad at what its robbing me of.

I wish I could freeze it and soak up these babies just a little longer!

No real reason I'm sharing this, other than to just share and say, enjoy your days and love on your family members.

Amen, Maddie. Just... amen.

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