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Despite being on the receiving end of some nasty name-calling last week, Vicki Gunvalson was in high spirits on this week’s episode.

The Real Housewives of Orange County showed Vicki and Steve both hyped for their then-impending engagement.

But Kelly Dodd has dropped a bombshell. Did Vicki buy the ring herself as a prop for a TV stunt?

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On this week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson was on the hunt.

She was scrambling through Steve Lodge’s golf cart for an engagement ring that she was just certain he was hiding there.

At the same time as she was snooping through Steve’s belongings, Steve confirmed to Tamra that Vicki was exactly right.

Steve shared that he was "already planning my proposal. I already have the ring. Everything’s set to go."

But one person just wasn’t willing to buy this as an authentic storyline — and that person was Kelly.

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Kelly Dodd took to social media as the episode aired to call out Vicki and make an astounding claim.

"You know where the ring is of course," Kelly accused on Twitter.

She explained why Vicki must know the truth: "Cuz you bought the ring."

While Vicki Gunvalson would not be the first reality star to purchase her own engagement ring, we don’t know that Kelly is right about this.

But if so, it would make this engagement look more like a stunt for TV than a real plan to get married.

Kelly’s accusation of course earned her a Twitter user asking "Where’s your ring, Kelly Dodd?"

"It’s coming!!" Kelly vowed. "Watch baby!"

She then added an emoji of a baby’s milk bottle, which unless you’re breastfeeding, speaking of a literal baby, or have a particular kink is … weird.

But it sounds like Kelly is every bit as confident in her own romantic prospects as she is in her claims about Vicki.

Kelly also claimed that her ex, Dr. Brian, also offered her a ring of her own, and … fans are not sure what to believe about that.

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Fans have worried about Kelly’s alarming behavior for a while, and some are afraid that she’s out for blood.

"Vicki and Steve, Congratulations on your engagement!" one fan wrote Thursday morning beside Vicki’s sweet engagement photo from April.

"I am very happy for you both," the fan expressed. "Please have a lovely wedding."

The follower then warned: "Don’t invite Kelly Dodds as she is nota friend and out to create nothing but trouble for any of you."

Ooh, that sounds dire!

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"Go on with your lifes and ignore all she says," the fan counseled.

The comment continued: "She must be very unhappy herself as she isn’t focused on her own happiness."

The fan opines that Kelly is interested in "just stirring the the pot, so to speak!"

"You both make a beautiful couple," the follower praised, concluding: "God Bless, Peace, Happiness, Love Forever"

That is some nice, if thoroughly unsolicited, advice.

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Honestly … maybe the weirdest part of this whole thing was seeing Vicki root around through Steve’s stuff for the ring.

Searching someone else’s belongings is not okay, and not indicative of a healthy relationship.

But we have to remember that it’s not like Vicki was secretly caught doing this. She knew that the cameras were rolling.

And she had also known for months that the engagement was coming up. The search for the ring was, well, TV drama.

We’re not so convinced that Kelly’s claim about the ring’s purchase is true.