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John David and Abbie Duggar have a couple of precious pregnancy updates to share with their fans.

FIRST, their baby is kicking and moving and is very active these days.

SECOND, she’s due to be born in the relatively near future!

Photo via Instagram

The couple shared a few new photos of Abbie and her baby bump on Instagram yesterday (above and below), writing a caption along with them that has followers VERY excited.

"One of our new favorite pass times – feeling our little girl’s movements! We are so excited to meet her in January!!!" wrote Abbie and John David, adding the hashtag #25 weeks to let folks know how far along Abbie is in her pregnancy.

The reality stars also revealed the fans back in August that they are expecting a girl.

"I’m so excited about hair bows and pink dresses," Abbie said in a video in response to the news, while John David then chimed in this summer as follows:

"I’m really looking forward to having a baby girl around the house… I just hope she’s  as pretty as her mommy. I know she will be."

Photo via Instagram

Following plenty of online speculation and a great deal of chatter about the future of their family, Abbie and her semi-famous husband confirmed that a bun, indeed, was in the former’s oven back on August 1.

"We are on Cloud 9 about welcoming our own little Duggar into the world,” the couple told People Magazine, setting Duggar Nation on fire and adding:

"It really is amazing to think about being parents and having our own child to raise.”

Burnett and Duggar started courting in June of 2018 — and got engaged just a month later after John David got down on one knee and proposed inside of an airplane hanger.

Talk about a unique setting, right?!?

Photo via Instagram

The actual wedding — and, therefore, the couple’s first kiss — then took place on November 3 of that same year in Arkansas.

“We are so excited to be married! It was a beautiful moment and we so appreciate our friends and family for sharing this day with us,” the soulmates said in a statement, continuing at the time:

“Most of all we are thankful to Christ for bringing us together. This is going to be an amazing journey!”

John David is 29 and Abbie is 27, which is very old for two people in this family to get married.

Photo via Instagram

Despite these relatively old ages, it’s also safe to assume that John David and Abbie will not be done having babies.

Not for a long time, based on the experiences of other Duggar women and their husbands.

Speaking of those women…. at least one is so very psyched for her sibling.

“Congratulations to John and Abbie!!” Jana Duggar wrote in response to the baby news this summer.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better twin to go through life with than John, and their little girl is so blessed already that she got such an amazing guy for her daddy!!

"And seeing what a tender caretaker Abbie has been for her family and in her job as a nurse, I know she is going to be an amazing mother!! Love y’all so much!!"