Kendra Caldwell Confesses: I Feel Like a Horrible Wife!

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During a recent segment on the Counting On season premiere, Joseph Duggar and his wife offered further proof that the latter belongs to a cult of a family who believes women are good for approximately three things:

Having kids.

Cleaning the house.

Cooking dinner.

Joseph and Kendra and Family

This is barely just our opinion, either.

This is literally what Kendra said on the aforementioned episode.

It opened with Jim Bob and Michelle challenging their married children to a date night competition (because that's totally normal)... which included the couples answering candid questions about their initial expectations versus the reality of married life.

Cut to Joseph reading a letter to Kendra, quoting his parents:

“We, Jim Bob and Michelle, often say that expectations ruin relationships. Looking back did you go into your marriage with any expectations?

"If so, what were they and have they been met? What expectations do you have now?”

kendra answers

Replied Kendra:

“I think I had expectations that I would be able to make all the meals the first year of our marriage and that I would be able to clean the house [and] go with you to work.

"We had a lot of things planned out like I would go to work with him every day, we’d make meals every night.”

Yes, these tragically were what Kendra wanted from marriage: To cook, clean and go with her husband to work.

That legitimately breaks our heart just to read.

Kendra & Joseph Duggar Family Pic Featuring Baby Bump!

Jospeh understood his wife's point, how she really hoped to simply serve her man, and then acknowledged where the plan went wrong:

"I think that was something that I expected more, but you didn’t know that you’d be pregnant the first nine months of our marriage and that you were going to be so sick for so long."


The couple started courting in March of 2017 and exchanged vows on September 8, 2017.

Kendra then got pregnant within their first month of marriage (or BEFORE, some might say!) and they welcomed their first child, Garret, on December 18, 2018.

“We were so blessed to have Garret right away and we wouldn’t change that ,but it definitely did add a different dynamic to our marriage,” Kendra continued on the premiere, adding:

“For me, it was kind of hard because I felt like I don’t feel like I’m a good wife. But you were really gracious and really sweet and understanding.”

Big Duggar News

Once again, our hearts are breaking over here.

Kendra -- who got pregnant because she and her husband didn't use birth control, it wasn't some sort of mistake -- actually felt guilty because she couldn't cook or clean that much due to her expecting state.

She defines being a good wife as someone who just cooks and cleans.

(No, we're not letting go of this point!)

“My expectation now is that we do more meals and clean the house more often," she concluded on the premiere.

"Now that the baby’s older it’s a lot easier to do that. And I’ve been able to work some with you lately and that’s been really fun."

Joseph and Kendra Duggar and Son

Of course, this episode was filmed many months ago.

In the time since, Kendra and Joseph have revealed that they're expecting another baby.

The little girl is actually due next month.

This means more breastfeeding, more diaper changing and far less sleep for Kendra. Along with lots of cooking and cleaning, too.

But whatever, right? Those are the only things a woman is good for anyway, right?

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