90 Day Fiance The Other Way Tell All Part 1 Recap: Who's Getting Divorced?

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Though a recent sneak peek at the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All revealed that Evelin totally forgot to wear her ring, the real drama had yet to be revealed.

As you'll see in our detailed recap of Part 1 of the Tell All, Ronald totally flips out at one point.

Evelin and Corey's drama spikes when it's revealed that their so-called "friend" has been trying to drive them apart for months.

Jenny is so brokenhearted about Sumit but she still holds out hope that he'll participate in the special.

And Aladin and Laura's drama explodes as they reveal the secret motive that tore their marriage apart.

Take a look below and brace yourself for Part 2.

1. First thing's first

First thing's first
Before any of the drama happened, Deavan is virtually unrecognizable. We get the impression that she opted for a spray tan to appear less ghostly on television. We thought that she looked great before, but maybe it's the stage lighting.

2. And here comes Tiffany

And here comes Tiffany
She reveals that she gave birth to her child with Ronald just three weeks before the Tell All was filmed. Okay, wow.

3. Now the drama starts

Now the drama starts
Paul notes how Corey has agreed to make all of these life changes for Evelin -- supplying money, learning a new language and embracing the local culture, and also getting more fit. Corey sheepishly replies that, in return, Evelin has agreed to marry him. Paul's face in response ... well, we don't always see things from Paul's side, but we're with him on this. There's an imbalance.

4. Now it's time to go to the stage

Now it's time to go to the stage
Deavan does genuinely look great, and we are not at all shading her when we point out how different she looks.

5. Everybody's on stage

Everybody's on stage
Note that not everyone's significant other is there. In fact, right now, only Jihoon is there in person.

6. That's what the screens are for

That's what the screens are for
Real-time video chatting is for more than just long-distance jiggy jiggy, which allows people who can't get visas (or can't afford to attend) to speak alongside their fiances.

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