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We already knew that Kenya Moore is returning for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the real-world drama is already here.

Apparently Marc Daly cheated on Kenya, bringing about the downfall of their marriage.

But Cynthia Bailey says that, despite her anger, there’s a part of Kenya that still loves Marc. Will she take him back?

Cynthia Bailey Caught In a Lie

Cynthia Bailey has opened up to Us Weekly about Kenya Moore and how she is coping with leaving her cheating husband, Marc Daly.

"This is her first marriage," Cynthia notes. "I think she went into it for all the right reasons."

"She is still very much in love with her husband," she observes.

"And who knows?" Cynthia muses. "Maybe they can still work it out in the end."

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"I think they both deserve to be happy," Cynthia expresses. "Whether they’re together or not."

"And I’m not the kind of mom or parent that thinks that you have to be with the father of your child," she notes.

Cynthia continues: "to be able to be good parents to your children."

"I personally don’t think that because you have a kid with somebody is the only reason to stay with that person," she affirms.

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"I love that Kenya’s back," Cynthia says. "I always thought Kenya was great for the show."

"She just gets in there, she stirs the pot. She’s my friend. She’s in an amazing place," she raves.

"Brooklyn is amazing," she says of Kenya’s baby girl. "I can’t wait for the fans to fall in love with her."

"Kenya Moore has the happiest baby I think I’ve ever seen in my life,” Cynthia gushes.

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“I love that the fans are going to see Kenya be a mom," Cynthia adds.

She is excited for this "because it just changes everything. It just changes everything about her dynamic. …"

"She’s very hands-on, to say the least," Cynthia observes.

Is Kenya a helicopter mom? This is her first baby, so if that’s the case, we really cannot blame her.

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"I knew there were some issues. I’m not going to lie about that,” Cynthia admits about Kenya’s troubles with Marc.

“She shared a lot with me," she adds. "But I didn’t think it was anything that couldn’t be fixed."

"I just was really rooting for them," Cynthia explains. "Especially since they have this new beautiful daughter together."

"However, I’m seeing Kenya, and nobody’s in your bedroom with your man but you," she adds.

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"I want her to be happy," Kenya states.

She hopes for this "because I know what it feels like to be in something and not have peace."

Kenya can of course find happiness without Marc.

No one deserves to be cheated on with multiple side pieces. Kenya did not wait all of this time to marry just to settle for that.

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Kenya Moore will have to make up her own mind about whether these lingering feelings of affection are worth taking Marc back.

In 2017, she nearly sacrificed her whole career for him, and it sounds like he just threw that away for some side pieces.

A man cheating after two years of marriage sounds like a man who will cheat again. Is she willing to put up with that?

Maybe Cynthia is right. Only time will tell.