Kendra Duggar and Joseph Duggar: Baby #2 Will Be a Breeze!

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Kendra Duggar and Joseph Duggar have a 16-month old son at home.

This would be a lot on its own, something to which millions of parents around the globe can easily and quickly attest.

So... what will happen when the Counting On stars add a newborn girl into the mix, as they are set to do in the very near future?

Kendra Duggar and Joseph Duggar and Son

Nothing too challenging, that's for sure, according to the famous couple itself.

“We’re kind of already in that napping, changing diapers groove with Garrett still, so I think it will be just adding another [to that],” Kendra says in a new Us Weekly feature.

Surprisingly self-assured for a 21-year old who is about to be a mother to two very young kids, she adds:

“We’ll both be busy, I guess. All hands will be tied up taking care of little ones, but there are always challenges. [Our son] can’t do much himself, so he’s going to need a lot of help, but we’re excited about this new chapter.”

Kendra Duggar and Joseph Duggar on Gram

Really, what else would a member of the Duggar family say outside of expressing excitement for a baby?

But it bears repeating here that Kendra is 21 years old.

She got married in September of 2017 and gave birth just over nine months later.

Does this mean she got pregnant before her wedding and therefore committed the ulitmate Duggar sin? Maybe.

Joseph and Kendra and Family

But it definitely means she's scarcely had time to adjust to life as a wife and a new mother before having to prepare herself to be a mother for the second time.

"I think it’s going be different, but we’ll probably get into the groove of what our family size is," she tells this publication, adding with either confidence or total naivete:

"The adjustment part is always an adjustment, so we’ll just see how it goes!"

Kendra and Joseph welcomed little Garrett in June of 2018.

Garrett Duggar Photo

They then announced they were expecting in April of 2019.

“We are ready to double the fun at our house,” the pair said at the time.

Continued the reality stars at the time:

“Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined. We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone.

"We are very happy that our little family will welcome a new addition later this year. Children really are a blessing from God!"

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Duggar Announcement

Kendra now says she can’t wait “to see how Garrett interacts with his little sister," sounding nothing but psyched to find out for certain.

“I think it’s gonna be fun to see him kind of grow into a big brother and hopefully be a protective and caring older sibling," she tells Us, concluding as follows:

"It will be exciting to see as they grow up together how their friendship grows.”

Exciting is one word for it, that's for sure. But, hey, we certainly hope this goes smoothly for the family!

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