Chris Harrison Reveals Condition of Peter Weber After "Freak Accident"

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If you've been following The Bachelor Spoilers, you know that this season's filming is well underway.

On Tuesday came the shocking news that Peter Weber was injured in a freak accident, sustaining some nasty-sounding facial cuts.

But Chris Harrison is assuring fans that, despite Peter's hospitalization, the show will go on.

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber Throwback

Chris Harrison has opened up on social media about Peter Weber's injuries.

The The Bachelor Host acknowledges that Peter "suffered a freak accident" while getting into a golf cart in Costa Rica.

"He got a cut on his head," Chris shares as a detail.

This wasn't just a scratch, either -- that hospitalization was very much needed.

"He did get stitches," Chris confirms.

Peter Weber Pic

Head wounds can be frightening, particularly because they tend to bleed a lot.

Chris wants to assure fans: "but he's 100% okay."

"And," he adds. "Production is already back underway."

It may sound cynical to discuss the production schedule, but each day of not filming can cost thousands or even millions.

But knowing that Peter is already okay to film again will do more to assure fans that he's okay than almost anything else.

Peter Weber on the Couch

Naturally, some people might have worried about The Bachelor's season if the leading man has a serious facial injury.

Chris wants to assure everyone that, no, Peter has not been disfigured by this fall.

"He's still the dashing, handsome pilot we've all dreamed of," Chris promises.

Chris also observed that there had been "wild" rumors about Peter circulating on Tuesday.

He hopes that his words of assurance help people to calm down.

Peter Weber Promo Pic

Our suspicion is that some people will harbor worries until they see a fresh photo or video of Peter's face.

He has a lot of dedicated fans -- and he did even before people found out that he was Hannah's windmill bandit.

You know that some people are rooting for him to find love just to see if he goes four times in a row with every lady he courts.

But fans should remember that he's a person, with charm and other qualities unrelated to windmill boning.

And his face is, we're sure, just fine.

Peter Weber is The Bachelor

While we're relieved to know that Peter is "100% okay," this did give us a thought.

How would contestants and the Bachelor Nation as a whole react if, halfway through a season, the leading man were suddenly and abruptly less handsome?

We don't mean a single cut that was treated immediately. We mean, like, suddenly he's gone some Phantom of the Opera stuff happening on his face.

Which contestants would quit, knowing that the eyes of America are on them? 

Who would stay on out of love? Who would stay on to make it look like they're non-shallow romantics but really they just want to build their brand?

Peter W.

To be clear, though, we're not trying to give producers any ideas. 

Please do not maim reality stars, no matter how interesting the season would be.

As for Peter, we're sure that he'll be back to boning in windmills before his stitches are even done healing, if he hasn't already.

Good for him.

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