The Bachelor Season 24: Meet Peter Weber's Women! [UPDATED!]

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We've read The Bachelor spoilers and seen the hype videos. But folks, the Bachelor Season 24 is just a few hours away.

In Monday evening's three-hour (!!!) debut, Peter Weber, a.k.a. Pilot Pete, will begin his search for his future wife on ABC.

We've already been cautioned - and Bachelor spoilers galore have hinted - that there are some twists in store from day one.

This season premiere will be different from what Bachelor fans have come to expect. That's all we'll say for right now.

So what better time to check in with the ladies who will be vying for Weber's heart and crotch beginning tonight.

Ready to meet the eligible women?

To try and pick an early favorite?

Grab a hat, hold the eff onto it, and scroll down now, because we've got all the deets on Peter's ladies, as well as a few early spoilers for what promises to be one hell of a season!

1. Who Will Peter Choose?

Who Will Peter Choose?
And will he and this woman sleep together five times inside of a windmill? Time will tell, folks. Let's get to know the Season 24 suitors, shall we?

2. Eunice C.

Eunice C.
A Chicago native, Eunice is wearing a pretty cute pink dress in this promotional photo.

3. Tammy L.

Tammy L.
Tammy is from Syracuse, New York. It's extremely cold there in the winter and snows a lot.

4. Victoria F.

Victoria F.
Victoria is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Will she experience another v-word on the show? Victory?

5. A Word About Victoria

A Word About Victoria
As you may have heard, Victoria is this season's wild card/villain. Put another way, she's Peter's Luke P.

6. The Troublemaker

The Troublemaker
According to Bachelor sleuth Reality Steve (read no further if you wish to avoid spoilers) Victoria's tendency to break up her friends' marriages by seducing their husbands comes to light late in the season.

7. Victoria Fuller in Costume

Victoria Fuller in Costume
The ground-breaking "flash forward" in tonight's premiere centers around Peter finding out about Victoria's sketchy past -- but the details won't be revealed until much later. Now, back to the intros ...

8. Shiann L.

Shiann L.
Shiann hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. Will Peter be willing to take a gamble on her?

9. Savanah H.

Savanah H.
Savanah is from Houston, Texas. We hear everything is bigger down there.

10. Maurissa G.

Maurissa G.
Maurissa is from Atlanta, Georgia. She's probably a fan of the Hawks or Falcons in that case. Maybe both.

11. Lauren J.

Lauren J.
Lauren is from Los Angeles, California. We wonder if she therefore has an interest in the entertainment industry.

12. Sydney H.

Sydney H.
Sydney is from Birmingham, Alabama. That's the same state from which Hannah Brown hails!

13. Natasha P.

Natasha P.
Natasha is a New York City resident. She probably has dinner at, like, 9 p.m.

14. Kiarra N.

Kiarra N.
Kiarra hails from Roswell, Georgia. As an African-American, she sadly probably won't win.

15. Lexi B.

Lexi B.
Lexi calls The Big Apple home. We're talking about New York City here.

16. Payton M.

Payton M.
Payton is from Wellesley, Massachusetts. One of the few East Coast residents on the show.

17. Lauren M.

Lauren M.
We're looking at a Miami native here. She probably likes to go to the beach in that case.

18. Sarah C.

Sarah C.
Sarah hails from Knoxville, Tennessee. She appears to be a fan of high-waist jeans.

19. Kelsey W.

Kelsey W.
Kelsey is from Des Moines, Iowa. She's the only contestant from this state.

20. So Close

So Close
While Kelsey made it to the hometown round, Reality Steve says she was eliminated and did not make it to Weber's final three. Bummer!

21. Kelley Flanagan

Kelley Flanagan
What do ya know?!? We have another Chicago native here! The lovely Kelley Flanagan ultimately won Peter Weber's heart, even if it took her until after he chose just about everybody else on his season.

22. Katrina B.

Katrina B.
Katina B. is from The Windy City, too. Maybe she's seen that cool bean tourist attraction there.

23. Alexa C.

Alexa C.
Alexa is from Chicago. We do not believe she was named after the technology that is also called "Alexa."

24. Megan H.

Megan H.
Meghan is Daly City, California. We're not sure what her last name is.

25. Alayah B.

Alayah B.
We've got yet another Texan! This one is from San Antonio, Texas.

26. Kylie R.

Kylie R.
Kylie is from Los Angeles and probably gets annoyed that there's another famous Kylie from there.

27. Victoria P.

Victoria P.
Victoria is an Alexandria, Louisiana native. She's exposing midriff in this picture.

28. Jenna S.

Jenna S.
Jenna is actually from New Lenox, Illinois. We didn't see that coming!

29. Mykenna D.

Mykenna D.
We've got a Canadian! She's from Langely, British Columbia in Canada.

30. Jade M.

Jade M.
Jade hails from Mesa, Arizona. It can get very hot down there, but it's a dry heat.

31. Hayley H.

Hayley H.
We've seen her name spelled as both "Haley" and as "Hayley." One of them is correct.

32. Courtney P.

Courtney P.
Courtney comes from Venice, Florida. This city has the same name as the place in Italy with all the canals.

33. Jasmine N.

Jasmine N.
Jasmine is from Houston, Texas. We likely should not mess with her.

34. Deandra K.

Deandra K.
Deandra is from Plano, Texas. What do you know, huh? Another Texan!

35. Madison P.

Madison  P.
Madison is also from Birmingham, Alabama. We wonder if she knows Hannah.

36. We Got a Front-Runner!

We Got a Front-Runner!
Spoiler alert! Madison makes it into Peter's top three! We know she'll compete with Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss in the final stages of the season, but at this point, Peter's final selection remains a secret.

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