The Bachelor Season 24: Meet the Women! Already!

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The Bachelor Season 24 is months away.

Heck, as of this writing, ABC has not yet even announced the identity of the 24th The Bachelor -- although we're as certain as possible that it will be Peter Weber.

(UPDATE: ABC has now confirmed Weber has landed the gig.)

And yet... the network just released photos and some very brief descriptions of many women who will be vying for Weber's heart and crotch in early 2020.

Ready to meet these women?

To try and pick an early favorite?

Scroll down now!

1. Who Will Peter Choose?

Who Will Peter Choose?
And will he and this woman sleep together five times inside of a windmill? Time will tell, folks. Let's get to know the Season 24 suitors, shall we?

2. Eunice C.

Eunice C.
A Chicago native, Eunice is wearing a pretty cute pink dress in this promotional photo.

3. Tammy L.

Tammy L.
Tammy is from Syracuse, New York. It's extremely cold there in the winter and snows a lot.

4. Victoria F.

Victoria F.
Victoria is from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Will she experience another v-word on the show? Victory?

5. Shiann L.

Shiann L.
Shiann hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. Will Peter be willing to take a gamble on her?

6. Savanah H.

Savanah H.
Savanah is from Houston, Texas. We hear everything is bigger down there.

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