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Bella Thorne came out of the closet years ago and, more recently, clarified that she is pansexual. A lot of people take time to find the right label.

This week, she took to social media to reveal her new girlfriend, whom she describes as "camera shy."

You can’t blame her — since the photos that Bella chose to share featured the two of them entirely topless.

Bella Thorne Smiles Softly

"She’s very cute," Bella Thorne writes in the captions of the two photos that you are about to see.

We can’t see her new lady love’s face in the photo, which is why she felt the need to clarify.

She then admits: "First girl I have dated that’s camera shy."

Hey, that means that said girl is probably not using Bella to build her brand!

Though to be honest, we didn’t think that she was in the first place.

Photo via Instagram

The new girlfriend in question is Alex Martini.

Bella remains in an open relationship with boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, who showed some love to the photos.

"You girls are cute," he commented, including a black heart emoji.

Bella’s ex Tana Mangeau commented: "Yes Martini!"

Just this summer, Bella put Tana on blast, so it’s good to see that they’re on so much better terms these days.

Photo via Instagram

So who is Alex Martini?

She is a tattoo enthusiast, even enduring multiple lengthy tattoo sessions to turn her back into a work of art.

(You know that we have a photo of that below)

Alex is a lesbian — we don’t just mean that she likes girls, but has referred to herself by that specific label on Instagram.

And here, you can see her face as she absolutely rocks a plaid shirt, reminding everyone why the LGBTQ+ community owns plaid flannel as a concept.

Photo via Instagram

She looks great!

It’s not clear how long Bella and Alex have been dating, but they’ve been engaging with each other on social media since September at least.

By the way, Alex is also in the entertainment industry, but she works behind the scenes on tons of TV and movie projects.

She’s worked on everything from major streaming projects to, a number of years ago, being a production assistant on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Alex is also a dedicated cat mom. Awwww!

Unfortunately, in part because of Bella’s larger-than-life persona but also because of general bigotry, we know that some people won’t respond well to this post.

Some people just don’t like LGBTQ+ people, or try to erase bi and pan folks (who outnumber all of the rest of us combined, let’s be clear).

Some will disguise their bigotry by objecting to "flaunting" in ways that they would never discuss a straight couple.

Then there are those who roll their eyes at "open relationships."

It’s very nearly 2020, folks. Open relationships and polyamory are a thing.

If it doesn’t sound realistic, or you can’t imagine jealousy not ruining it, then it’s probably not the right relationship for you.

Bella Thorne, Topless and Smiling

Remember, there are plenty of people for whom monogamy sounds like an unthinkable horror. Different relationships for different people.

It is a wonder to see Bella so happy and alive.

She has had her emotional ups and downs and is known for being very real about all of that witn fans.

Congratulations to Bella and Alex on this relationship. They look so cute together!