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On September 30, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin married (again) in a beautiful ceremony.

The Biebs has been gushing about his smokin’ hot wife, even sharing wedding photos.

Now it’s Hailey’s turn to share pics from the ceremony, and fans are swooning.

Hailey Baldwin Reveals Wedding Photo

Hailey Baldwin shared this photo, captioning her post with the date of "9 30 19."

"You both are so beautiful, i’m speechless!" praises one fan. "Your wedding looked so beautiful and perfect. i’m so happy for you [pink heart]."

"WOW THE CONTENT WE DESERVE!" raves another. "I’m so happy for you both [heart] you two looking hot and beautiful as always."

"Breathtaking! congrats hails! Praying many blessings!" another commenter gushes.

Hailey was not done sharing with that cozy hot photo of husband and wife, either.

Hailey Baldwin Reveals Wedding Photo

Hailey also shared this image.

As you can see, it is yet another black-and-white snap, this time a close up of their hands.

Here we see the couple’s wedding rings — tasteful enough that some fans were genuinely surprised.

Loving jewelry is a natural instinct in humans, but wedding rings hold a special significance as they represent the person whom you love.

Hailey’s affections are palpable through these photos that she has elected to share with fans and follower.

And so are Justin’s. He’s become one of those "Wife Guys" who gushes about his wife, and it’s adorable.

Photo via Instagram

Of course, not all of the pics that Hailey and The Biebs have been posting lately have been lovey-dovey.

The two also shared this steamy "My Calvins" photo.

It’s not every day that both husband and wife are so outrageously hot that they’re both literal underwear models.

It’s even rarer for the two to do advertisements together.

But that goes to show how unique Hailey and Justin are as a power couple.

Most power couples aren’t this hot, and almost none of them are this young.

The Biebers

Millions of fans are celebrating Justin and Hailey’s official wedding, even though the couple got their actual marriage license last year.

However, some still remain skeptical of the couple’s prospects.

It’s not just that all marriages end — either in divorce or in death. People have doubts about these two, specifically.

See, Justin got with Hailey in the summer of 2018. They’d dated more than once before, of course.

He proposed to her just weeks after their reunion went public, which seems like rushing things.

Photo via Getty

Fan concerns were compounded by how very recently Justin had been dating his other famous old flame, Selena Gomez.

He had waltzed back into her life and spent months taking her on the same church dates on which he would later take Hailey.

Reports even said that he believed that it was a divine plan for him to be with Selena. And then she had enough, and ditched him.

We hope that his decision to marry Hailey was not clouded by past relationship baggage or some odd desperation to be a married man.

We really do wish this beautiful couple the very best. Not only because they’re beautiful, but that does make it easier to root for them.