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To his continuing credit, Lamar Odom cannot stop gushing over new girlfriend Sabrina Parr.

In fact, the pair seem to be moving incredibly quickly.

Just over a month after going Instagram Official as a couple, the two are already shooting a brand new reality series.

Lamar Odom and his new GF

Lamar and Sabrina were spotted out and about together.

As usual, the basketball legend was asked some friendly questions by paparazzi.

One paparazzo asked him what he and Sabrina had been filming.

It was a very good question, and got an interesting answer.

"Me and my girl, we have a new show. Sabrina & Lamar," he revealed.

He furnished a detail and rhymed at the same time, adding: "Sabrina Parr is the star."

Then, on Instagram, Sabrina responded when fans brought this up.

"@lamarodom just can’t hold water to save his life LOL,” she teased.

By that, she means that he couldn’t keep a secret.

“The secrets out now [though] …" Sabrina admitted with resignation.

"By the way …" she revealed. "The show name is not Sabrina and Lamar LOL."

Lamar Odom Memoir Press Tour

While she does not reveal the show’s actual title, Sabrina does treat fans to an anecdote about her man.

"I’ll tell y’all a quick story," Sabrina writes. "From the day I met Lamar, he kept saying to me, ‘man you’re like a star.’"

"Then every time [people] would come up to him to get a pic," she continues. "He would say ‘that’s Sabrina Parr. She’s the real star.’"

"That’s exactly how he’s treated me since day one [though] …" Sabrina gushes.

She says that he treats her "like I’m the star and I’m the one who should get all the attention!"

Lamar Odom at Kids Choice

Sabrina explains that this is why Lamar gave the answer that he did.

"That’s why he said this to the media," Sabrina reasons.

Full of affection, she acknowledges that "He truly feels that way."

"Meanwhile … I’m just tryna wear my Nike hat and sweats in peace LOL," she jokes.

Hmmm, I know that she’s why Lamar gave up porn, but I think that I actually really like her.

Lamar Odom Has Made It

"I think a lot of you will be surprised as to what exactly is gonna be included on the show," Sabrina teases fans and followers.

"How many of y’all will be watching?" she asks.

"If you’re not gonna watch it," she instructs. "Then just don’t respond."

Sabrina explains: "cuz I’m not talking to you and I don’t feel like blocking anyone today."

"So be nice on this beautiful Monday," she requests.

Lamar O.

We really, truly do not know what sort of show the pair of them are cooking up.

It’s good to hear that the show’s title won’t be quite as close to Khloe & Lamar as some had feared from his statement.

Sabrina really does sound head-over-heels in love with him and appreciates how he treats her.

That is truly heartwarming, you know? Maybe their relationship is still in the honeymoon phase, or maybe they’re just super compatible.

We can’t wait to see what they’re like on reality television. That way, fans will really get to know her.