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When it comes to the Sister Wives universe these days, fans have plenty more questions than answers.

Is Meri really leaving Kody and the life she clearly hates behind?

Might Robyn be following in her disgruntled wake?

Is Kody really in the market for a fifth wife?

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Over a year since the Brown family moved from Las Vegas to Arizona, a decision Kody made on behalf of his many loved ones that hasn’t really gone over too well with, well… anyone.

In this time since the move, Meri has complained about being uprooted from an area she knew well and — that’s about it.

There’s been very little actual movement on the Coyote Pass property in Flagstaff purchased awhile back by Kody.

Until now, that is.

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According to Soap Dirt, U-Haul trucks were spotted on the land this week, making the first real activity seen there in months.

This is all the information we have to go on at the moment, but it certainly gets our mind wondering and speculating.

Could these trucks be there to pack up Robyn’s stuff, based on the rumor that even this seemingly steady wife is displeased and looking to get away?

Or could the trucks actually be hauling television equipment, which would back up chatter that filming on a new season is set to commence?

TLC has remained oddly quiet about upcoming episodes, never confirming they are on the way and leaving viewers desperate for the sort of intel we’re trying to pass along here.

Kody and Janelle Brown Together

Last season, of course, wrapped with a couple of cliffhangers — and one cented on Kody Brown’s single gigantic home.

The lead cast member had blueprints drafted for a monstrous dwelling that would house all the Sister Wives spouses and offspring. We’re talking one GIANT residence here!

Kody’s ideal creation came with four different apartment-like sections.

The goal was for these apartments to be spread out from each other to give everyone some privacy, but no building permits for such a structure is on record in Arizona.

Not as of September 5,  2019 at least.

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So that’s where things are at right now.

Meri is trash talking her haters and trying to live her best life.

Janelle is celebrating the arrival of a grandchild.

Robyn isn’t saying much. Christine is saying even less.

And we’re simply doing all we can to keep readers apprised of future Sister Wives plans, steps and even air dates.

Stick with us, folks.