Sister Wives Stars Filming Despite Family Fractures

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It's no secret that Kody Brown and the Sister Wives have hit hard times lately.

The huge polygamous family's hasty move to Flagstaff, AZ resulted in financial disaster. Tension is brewing between Meri and the other wives.

There were even rumors the show might get canned back in April, due to sluggish ratings.

Kody Brown, 2 Wives

But fans of the show can rest easy for now, because the Browns are officially back on camera and filming for season 14.

Mariah Brown, the family's eldest daughter recently posed with a cameraman for her Instagram story, perhaps just to reassure us all that this is still happening.

"We love our camera people," Mariah posted along with the photo.

So we know the cameras are rolling, and that cast is getting along with the crew, both of which are good signs.

But are the stars getting along with each other? Well, that's another issue entirely.

Meri Brown and Christine Brown

There's been no shortage of drama between Kody and his four wives this last year. 

Meri still seems to be on the outs with the other wives. As Kody's first wife, maybe she's starting to feel like this is all more drama than she bargained for.

Or, perhaps her sister wives still feel betrayed by Meri after the infamous catfishing fiasco.

Let's not forget Meri almost left the family for her perfect man, an online suitor named Sam, who turned out to be a creepy woman named Jackie.

The rift seems deepest between Meri and Kody's third wife Christine, who reportedly avoid one another whenever possible these days.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown

Last month, Robyn Brown's friend Kendra Pollard-Parra told In Touch that Christine no longer wanted a relationship with Meri.

"She has cut Meri off emotionally," Kendra said of Christine.

"She doesn't want to deal with the emotional side effects of Meri's bad choices," Kendra continued.

Christine even admitted their relationship was strained during the season 13 tell-all.

"We're still working on things, honestly," Christine explained.

"It's not at the best situation. It's not," Christine added, clearly struggling to put it delicately.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown Celebrate Her Birthday

If the wives are struggling with their relationships, Kody is certainly exacerbating the situation by playing favorites.

Though he has four wives, Kody reportedly spends almost all of his time with his newest wife, Robyn. 

Robyn is also the only wife to whom Kody is legally married -- and he divorced Meri to do it. That's got to sting.

It's no wonder Meri is struggling with her place in the fold. 

Meri Brown Cries

It's honestly a wonder that there isn't more strife between the Sister Wives.

Four women have to figure out how to share one husband and raise 18 kids together.

It's amazing they've made it work as well as they have for this long, even if those relationships are beginning to fray. 

Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss in the Snow

And there's hope on the horizon for all of us who just want these gals to get along.

The Sister Wives - all of them - were spotted filming together in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend.

They were presumably there to visit eldest daughter Mariah and her fiancee Audrey Kriss, who moved to the city last year.

Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss

It's heartwarming to see the family come out in support of their daughter's same-sex relationship.

It shows a lot of growth, considering all the tears shed when Mariah first came out.

It would be equally heartwarming to think the Sister Wives are supporting each other too. At least they're all filming together.

But have they really made peace, or all this togetherness just something they had to do for the camera?

We'll know more for sure when Sister Wives returns to TLC next year.

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