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Lili Reinhart is our Tuesday queen because she is finally giving the people what they want!


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It has been months since we received any updates on Lili and Cole Sprouse’s relationship since reports spread that they broke up.

When the news first broke, so did the internet. 

Fans have been dying to know the truth behind the two’s romantic involvement, and finally, everyone can calm down because Lili is here to inform you that they’re back together! 

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While promoting her new movie Hustlers at the Toronto International Film Festival, Lili sat down with Coveteur to chat about the movie, fashion trends, and most importantly, her current standing with Cole! 

And she was really the most perfect interviewee because she did not hold back, TYVM! 

The conversation strayed from fashion to makeup to Halloween plans, which yep, she revealed include Cole! 

It's... Lili Reinhart

The outlet asked her about her Halloween costume plans and that’s when the Riverdale actress dropped the bomb and called Sprouse her boyfriend

It really doesn’t get more official or clearer than that, folks. 

Here is how her response went: 

"I am [skilled at special-effect makeup]!" Reinhart began. "Oh my god, I haven’t done that in a really long time, actually. I kind of went from special-effects makeup to face painting."

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"So I’ve done a lot in the past," she continues. "Now I don’t really have the time, which sounds so stupid, but I really don’t. It takes a lot of time to do those things." 

"I think I’m leaning in towards a character for Halloween. I think I’m going to do it with my boyfriend, Cole." she actually said. 

"I don’t want to spoil it if it’s not going to happen, but it’s a TV duo."

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We’re VERY here for all of this. 

And great timing, because now we will probably even be here for season 4 of Riverdale —  Jughead just wouldn’t have been the same without their real-life chemistry. 

Ok, it probably would’ve, they’re great actors, but our hearts are very happy. 

Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse on Riverdale
(The CW)

Back in July, multiple reports spread that the Riverdale co-stars called it quits after two years of dating. 

A source told E! News that they broke up earlier in the summer but "could be heading back in the direction of getting together."

Reinhart and Sprouse both broke their silence on the split rumors by mocking their own cover story from W Magazine

"BREAKING: A reliable source has confirmed that none of you know s–t," Reinhart wrote in an Instagram alongside the cover photo. 

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She even took to Twitter to share some advice to her followers, saying, "Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, kids."

‘Reliable source’ can kiss my ass." she wrote. 


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Life would’ve been much easier if she could’ve just put the rumors to rest and called him her dang "boyfriend" at the time, just sayin’. 

It’s still unclear what exactly happened between the two earlier this summer, but it’s easy to assume they probably went on a break. Or maybe they never even broke up to begin with? 

Either way, we’re glad that we can finally sleep knowing Jughead is officially back on!