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Last month, Angelina Jolie ugly cried as she dropped off her first (& low-key favorite) child Maddox Jolie-Pitt at college in South Korea

Jolie was filmed by students as she said her farewells at Yonsei University in Seoul; she even did a little interview with the students where she said, “It seems like a great school!” and “I hope you’re all going to like it.”

Maddox remained by her side the entire time, which was honestly too adorable, most kids would die at the thought of their parents causing them so much attention on their first day of college. 

Brad Pitt and Son Maddox Photo
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But alas, Maddox is now a college freshman studying biochem, we feel very old, and Angie is left feeling empty inside. 

He is the first one to leave the nest after all! 

And they were extremely close, according to a source that told Entertainment Tonight that “she loves him and is so proud of how wise he is beyond his years.”

“Maddox is very attached to his mom. She’s always stood by him,” shared the source.

While at this year’s D23 Expo, she opened up to Disney fans about how much she misses her son, but that she is already planning trips to get back out there and visit him. 

But it seems as though she has some other plans in mind, too! 

According to Radar Online, the Maleficent actress is ready to adopt again

That’s right — she is looking to add a 7th child to her flock following Maddox’s departure and she “wants it to happen within the next few months,” said the source. 

Angelina Jolie at the BAFTAs
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“This has been in the works for a while, but she put it on hold until after Maddox officially left home.”

She must’ve known she was not going to take that separation well. 

At first, it was reported by Radar that the mom of six said she was “not feeling very strong” after he left home and apparently, she was going to try dating to fill her son’s void.

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However, considering Jolie’s somewhat recent divorce from Brad Pitt — it is still too soon.

Forget men she wants herself a baby!

While it is not clear yet which country her new kiddo will be adopted from, she has many options. 

“Because of her ties to so many countries, Angie has  several options to choose from that won’t involve too much red tape or background screening,” a source shared to Radar

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“She’s doing this very methodically and still favors picking a child from an impoverished region she’s familiar with, like Syria or another part of the Middle East.”

Jolie has plans to finish up Marvel movie The Eternals first, but then she is ready to take on her favorite role ever: mom! 

“The plan is to have a child in her arms by the year’s end at the latest,” revealed the source. Aw!