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Looks like a sibling for Stormi will soon be on the way!

After months of rumors, People magazine (generally a reliable source on all things Kar-Jenner clan) is reporting today that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are officially working on having a second child!

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As if that weren’t exciting enough, an insider tells the magazine that Kylie and Travis are planning to get married, as well!

The source says that while Kylie is “very happy with her life” the way it is now, she’s very much looking forward to the major changes that lie ahead.

“Kylie loves being a mom and can’t wait to give Stormi a sibling,” the insider says.

“Everyone thinks Kylie will be pregnant with her second baby soon. They are trying.”

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Reports that Kylie is pregnant with her second child have been circulating pretty much since the time Stormi was born, but this is the first time a credible source has claimed that the cosmetics mogul is actively trying for a second child.

Of course, the other persistent rumor of the past year has been the claim that Kylie and Travis are engaged.

While the insider stops just short of claiming that Scott has popped the question, she confirms that the couple is planning to tie the knot sooner rather than later.

“She and Travis are discussing marriage," the source claims.

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(it may seem a bit presumptuous of us to use the feminine pronoun, but when a Kardashian source goes this in-depth with a credible publication, we just assume it’s Kris Jenner.)

Anyway, Kylie has been open for quite some time about the fact that she hopes to give Stormi a sibling soon.

And based on her recent Instagram activity, it seems she’s hoping for another girl.

When a fan commented on one of her pics, “Perfect lil family now give Stormi a brother," Kylie replied, "Sister!!"

“I do want to have more — when, is the question," Kylie told James Charles in a recent makeup tutorial video.

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"Like, I want seven girls and then maybe I’ll consider having a boy."

Kylie added that becoming a mother has made her “really feel like this is always what I was meant to do.”

Well, she certainly got an early start!

And as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie can afford to have as many kids as she wants!

Congratulations may be a bit premature at this point, but we’ll go ahead and offer ’em up, anyway!

After all, when does Kylie set her mind to something and not do it?