Joy-Anna Duggar, Lauren Swanson Accused of Capitalizing on Miscarriages

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If you follow any of the Duggars on social media, then you know they tend to receive criticism for just about everything they post.

And more often than not, the trash-talk has something to do with the family's unorthodox views on procreation and child-rearing.

All the Baby Bumps!

Sometimes, it's deserved, such as when the infamous Duggar dress code is being forced on a new generation.

Other times, it's shameless mom-shaming that seems to serve no purpose other than providing entertainment to the "outraged" commenters.

(The uproar over Jessa "making" her kids walk to Chick-Fil-A for dinner serves as a prime example of this phenomenon.)

The comments sections on the Duggars' posts have been the sight of heated debate many times in the past.

Lauren Duggar Baby Shower Pic

But perhaps no issue has proven as divisive as the manner in which Joy-Anna Duggar and Lauren Swanson have chosen to mourn their recent miscarriages.

As you may know, we're in the midst of what fans have dubbed the "Duggar baby boom," with several women in the family currently expecting.

Duggar women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being, so it's been a joyous year for the Counting On clan.

But there's been tremendous heartbreak amid the all that elation.

Duggar Family Baby Bump Group

Back in February, Lauren Swanson lost her baby.

In July, fans learned that Joy-Anna Duggar had suffered a miscarriage as well.

Both women were devastated at the time, and both are clearly still in pain months later.

Earlier this month, Joy-Anna Duggar attended a baby shower for her cousin Amy, but was forced to leave early after being overcome with emotion.

Joy has been open about her pain in surprisingly candid social media posts, including one that appeared on her Instagram page earlier this week:

Joy-Anna Duggar Necklace

“Thank you @meagalina for this thoughtful gift,” Joy-Anna captioned a photo of her wearing a necklace that said, “Annabell Elise.”

“It means so much to have such caring family around me! I love you!” 

The necklace is a gift from Joy's sister-in-law.

Joy learned that she was having a girl, named it Annabell Elise, and was told that she had lost the baby all on the same day.

Joy-Anna and Her Anchor

For her part, Lauren is pregnant again, and her loss is not quite as recent as Joy's.

But both women have been on the receiving end of scathing commentary in which they're accused of exploiting the sympathy they've received from fans.

A recent post on a Duggar-focused Reddit page even accuses Lauren of using her miscarriage to amass "likes" and posing as her husband in order to write lengthy odes to her own abilities as a mother:

"Then, on mother's day, Josiah posted to Lauren (or so the account claims, the word choices are oddly similar to what Lauren would right but whatever) about how it's her first mothers day and how he wishes her baby could have experienced how great of a mom she could be," the redditor wrote.

Lauren Duggar Expecting

"And reminded her that she's still a mother even though she doesn't get to hold the baby. That post more liked than the miscarriage announcement (reaching 112074 likes)."

We won't weigh in on such a sensitive topic, except to say the Duggars are at least being consistent with their own belief system here, as they've long preached that there's no difference between a fetus and an infant.

In this case, perhaps Amy Duggar has the right idea, as she recently announced plans to keep the remainder of her pregnancy as private as possible

“Nahhh no thank you!" Amy replied to a fan when asked if her delivery will be featured on TLC. "It’s a private event lol. No cameras need to see all of that!”

We're guessing some of her family member's will soon adopt Amy's stance, as well.

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