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Since moving to L.A., Jinger Duggar has undergone such a radical and joyous transformation that fans hope that Jana will be inspired to break free.

But while Jeremy Vuolo is responsible for "allowing" Jinger to break so many family rules, she may have gone too far even for him.

After she was spotted wearing some very short shorts, is her husband embarrassed to be seen with her?

Jinger and Jeremy Attend a Soccer Game

One of the perks of being given to a husband and therefore no longer being Jim Bob’s property means that the Duggar girls live under new rules.

Jeremy Vuolo is a fervently devout Christian — in addition to being a reality star, he’s also a pastor. He has allowed her to wear pants.

But even fans who cheered Jinger’s wearing of normal clothes were surprised to hear that she was spotted out in public wearing shorts.

These weren’t the sorts of athletic shorts that drape to someone’s knees. They came to mid-thigh at the furthest.

That may be normal for, you know, human society, but for the Duggar fertility cult, that makes her a regular Jezebel.

But what does Jeremy think?

Jeremy Vuolo shared with his fans and followers that he had taken some guy friends to his favorite pizza place in L.A.

He posed along with the guys — and of course, his adorable little baby, Felicity.

It wasn’t just that Jinger didn’t show up in the photo that raised the eyebrows of fans.

Look at the way that the pic of Jeremy is cropped, cutting off an arm.

After so many carefully framed and curated photos from the Vuolos, it looks suspiciously like someone was cut out of the frame.

Was Jinger there in her short shorts? Did Jeremy scrub her from the pic because she went too far?

Jinger Duggar Is Blonde

Jinger has truly undergone a radical transformation since she and Jeremy moved to L.A.

She wears pants. She wears sleeveless tops.

She even dyed her hair blonde. And while she looks beautiful, the experience was jarring fo ra lot of fans.

It seems that physical distance from Jim Bob and the Duggar world has let her feel free to stretch her legs — and bare them.

Would her own family even recognize the person she’s become? Probably, but they very likely do not approve.

Jinger and Jeremy and Child

Jinger "gets away" with all of these changes because she’s married to Jeremy.

As we mentioned, he is a pastor, and he has strong opinions about Christian theology that differ from those of Jim Bob.

He has stated in the past that he doesn’t believe that Jesus granted Christians salvation simply to forbid them from wearing pants.

That’s a good line — and a simple but easily understandable expression of why he believes that over-the-top modesty theology is flawed.

We have to believe that he doesn’t really care about the shorts. If anything, maybe Jinger cropped herself out for the sake of her family.

Jinger Eating a Donut

A lot of ans have been holding out hope that Jinger’s move to a diverse, vibrant city will help her take larger steps away from the Duggars.

It’s not that people don’t want her to love and talk to her siblings.

It’s just that, well, her whole family is in a secretive, abusive cult and that’s not good for anyone.

Nobody’s demanding that she give up her personal religious beliefs, just shed the trappings of her family’s diehard fundamentalism.

Jinger has taken great steps in that direction. Fans hope that she’ll go much further.