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We have an update on Kevin Hart.

Unfortunately, however, it is not a positive one.

K. Hart
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As previously reported, Hart was involved in a very serious car accident over this past weekend.

The comedian was a passenger in a vehicle that included his good friend, Jared Black, and Black’s fiancee/Hart’s wife’s personal trainer, Rebecca Broxterman.

All three ended up in the hospital, with Hart needing to have back surgery, multiple outlets have since reported.

What were the nature of Hart’s injuries? What is his prognosis? What are his good friends saying about the star’s condition?

Hart, Kev
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For starters, according to TMZ, Hart suffered THREE fractures to his spine in the crash.

The aforementioned surgery entailed fusing the fractures … two of which were in the thoracic section of his spine, and one of which was in the lumbar.

Yes, the procedure was a success, thank goodness… but "Kevin is still going through hell," TMZ writes.

He’s heavily medicated due to the intensity of his pain.

Hart is presumed to make a full recovery, however, with no partial paralysis of his arms or legs expected.

Kevin Hart at a Premiere
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Insiders also confirm that months of physical rehabilitation is ahead for Hart, a forecast backed up by one of the star’s closest friends in Hollywood, Terry Crews.

“Basically, right now, Kevin’s gonna have to rebuild his life somewhat," the America’s Got Talent host told Us Weekly on Tuesday, adding of his pal:

"It may be a little different for Kevin from here on out. I understand that, I feel that. He probably feels very alone right now."

Crews also wanted Hart to know where he stood amid the negativity surrounding the crash.

“There were some people who weren’t so nice," he continued.

"There were a lot of people that were happy he got into the accident. It made no sense to me, but that’s human nature.

"But I’m here to tell him and that’s why I wanted to say, ‘Hey, man. I’m here for you. I got your back.’

"Believe me, most of Hollywood and most people I know are supporting Kevin. Really, really pushing for his speedy recovery.”

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We haven’t heard the negativity referred to here by Crews.

But Hart did earn a great deal of backlash late last year after he resigned as Oscars host due to discovery of old homophobic Tweets and jokes he had made.

The comedian never really apologized, digging in pretty hard and saying one wrong thing after another in response to the scandal.

We were against Hart at the time, and we still think he was in the wrong — but come on now.

We would never wish physical harm on anyone. Let’s all pray Hart makes a full recovery.