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Two stars on Bringing Up Bates would like to bring something to your attention:

They’re expecting a baby together!

Isn’t that right, Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart?!?

Carlin Bates with Evan Stewart
Photo via Instagram

“We are beyond thrilled to be expecting our first child,” Carlin herself told Romper yesterday, adding in further detail and excitement:

“Spending everyday with your best friend and building a life together has already exceeded our happiest dreams. We are so happy at the thought of parenting together.

"Three at the table sounds perfect! God is so good.”

Bates is due in February 2020.

This means that she’s about three months along and she and Evan got married about three months ago, so either they procreated on their wedding night…

… or the nuptials may have been inspired by some pre-marital sex.

Shotgun! Bang! We went there, people.

Photo via Instagram

Added Carlin when breaking the news on Instagram:

“This past year has been a whirlwind of excitement and love, from wedding planning, to the most magical day of my life when I said ‘I do,’ and just when I think life can’t get crazier, busier, or happier, I find out I’m pregnant!

"I feel so grateful and in awe of the miracle of a tiny life growing inside of me! I can’t imagine that my life could be any more blessed!"

Bates is only 21 years old and, considering she has 18 siblings and was basically raised in a cult, this is likely the first of many pregnancies.

She sounds both psyched and sort of overwhelmed by that fact.

Photo via Instagram

"Even though I’m very early into my pregnancy, I already look at my mom and wonder, ‘How did you do this 19 times?” she said.

“Yet, she acted as if each pregnancy was a gift and a privilege, and that’s exactly the sentiment I want to have.

"She made us all feel special and loved and more than anything, Evan and I want to be the kind of parents that invest in our child’s life in such a way that they know what a treasure they are to us!"

As for Stewart?

"I have read so many sweet comments, received texts, and felt so much love from you all," he wrote on Instagram, adding:

"We are overwhelmed and thankful to God for this precious gift! ! I can’t wait to meet you, baby Stewart. You are already so loved."

Photo via Instagram

Carlin is known both for appearing on Bringing Up Bates and also for being very close to Joy Duggar, who responded to this incredible news by exclaiming the following:

Yayyy! SOOOOO happy.

Back when Joy suffered her miscarriage this year, Carlin responded with words of sorrow and sympathy on Instagram.

"I wish there were words to express how broken hearted I am for my best friend," she wrote at the time, concluding:

"Seeing her give birth to her little girl, Annabell Elise, and knowing that she would never be able to hold her again while on earth just brings tears to my eyes.

"Yet, through it all, she has been so strong and held on to Jesus, knowing that we will see her little baby in heaven one day.

"I know that Jesus doesn’t promise that we will not face difficulties in this life, but He does promise to be by our side every step of the way.

"I’m so grateful to have a friend as precious as Joy, and I know that she would covet prayers at this hard time."

Joy-Anna Duggar Turns 21 with Carlin Bates
Photo via Instagram

We send our very best to Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart.

Congrats and good luck, you guys!