Farrah Abraham: I'm So Sorry for My Dumb 9/11 Mistake!

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Her bad, you guys.

Seriously: her major, major bad.

Farrah Abraham just wants to make that as clear as possible... while still spouting her usual nonsense and still sounding anything but truly authentic.

Farrah and Sophia Pic

On Wednesday -- also known as the 18th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks -- the former Teen Mom star posted a lengthy video from the site of this horrific tragedy.

She was on location in New York City with her daughter, Sophia, telling fans how much they were enjoying (yes, enjoying) the trip and then, well... she mixed up the date of the attacks with the name of a well-known convenience store chain.

"Okay, so we wanted to do, since it’s gonna be September 11, in honor of the Freedom Towers, and observatory deck and everything, of 7-Eleven, we are going to do this. Wow, look at this guys," says Farrah into the camera down below.

She didn't realize her error at the time and just kept on talking in a VERY excited manner about the whole 9/11 memorial experience.

Farrah Abraham in Big Apple

"I think this is gorgeous, beautiful, and in memory of a lot of loved ones, a lot of others lost,” she says in the following video, adding:

“I remember being in fifth grade when September 11 attacks happened, Sophia was not born yet, so I think it’s really important that Sophia learns about it, and here we go."

A sweet sentiment at its core, no doubt.

But Farrah quickly came under for the 7-Eleven utterance and the entire entire idea of using this national tragedy as the basis for a vlog entry.

Approached today by TMZ about the debacle, Farrah definitely apologized -- but she didn't exactly sound remorsely.

"It crushed me," Farrah told a cameraman from this website on the street, prior to laughing at her own expense.

"I don't even know my name sometimes... it was a raw moment. Sophia definitely enjoyed 9/11, that was the first time I got to go," she added.

Again, just a weird thing to say and a weird say to say it.

But this is Farrah Abraham, right? That's how she always rolls.

Is This Healthy?

"I was super tired. I'm very sorry about that," continueed Farrah in this same interview.

She then asked her 10-year old daughter for her thoughts on One World Trade Center, which is where the Twin Towers were formally located.

"It was super tall," the child replied.

Farrah proceeded to say that she hopes Sophia gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame someday, and then responded to accusations that maybe she shouldn't have used 9/11 as a promotional tool for her social media presence and YouTube channel.

"This is our daily life and that was part of our life," she said, concluding:

"We're all human. I'm human, what a shock!"

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