Farrah Abraham to Fan: You Wish You Could Marry Me, You Broke Bish!

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Farrah Abraham travels the world, both to attend various gigs and to continue hiding from process servers to avoid being sued.

One fan expressed her desire to travel abroad just once, and asked Farrah if she could somehow help her get her dream Honeymoon.

Farrah could have said yes, or ignored the request. Instead, Farrah openly mocked the woman for being poor.

Farrah Skit 2

A commenter reached out to Farrah upon seeing her visit some of the most romantic and popular sights in Europe.

"Would u give me a honey moon my husband and I [couldn't] afford one we both work full time," one fan begins.

The fan and her husband "have 4 kids between us and do everything we can for them."

"It's hard to do anything for us or get a chance away from work," the commenter laments.

She concludes: "I was a teen mom myself and went thru my journey while watching yours."

I'm Coming Back!

Farrah could have just ignored the comment and moved on. Instead, she had to type her reply.

"Either [you're] marrying the wrong guy or you wished you were marrying me..." Farrah's cruel reply begins.

(Yes, there's a lot to unpack just in that sentence ... we'll get to that)

Her nasty response continues: "My honey moon this week is Venice ITALY & PARIS FRANCE."

Farrah didn't just write that reply, but she shared a screenshot to ensure that her followers could see how unkind she can really be.

Farrah Abraham Offers "Apology"

First of all, in case you missed it, Farrah's reading comprehension skills are about as lacking as her writing.

It's possible that everything that she writes looks like word salad nonsense because she's writing at her reading level.

This woman is already married. She and her husband -- not fiance -- were unable to afford a honeymoon back when they did get married.

But Farrah interprets this woman as someone who is engaged. Oh, Farrah.

The mockery in her response is much more shameful than her simple misinterpretation.

Farrah Abraham Nude in a Tub

Farrah tells this woman that she's marrying the wrong man ... because he can't afford to splurge on a honeymoon to Europe.

In real life, there are lots of reasons to marry. Prioritizing someone's personal wealth over all else can lead to a lifetime of affluent misery.

Farrah just decided to insult this woman's husband and judgment at the same time.

As if that weren't enough, she goes on to brag about visiting Venice and Paris for a "honeymoon" of her own.

The woman already knew Farrah's itenerary. She didn't have to rub it in her own fan's face.

Farrah Abraham Photoshop Fail

But this isn't surprising or shocking behavior -- not coming from Farrah, if you're familiar with her personality and pattern of behavior.

Vicious bullying and unabashed bragging are two things that Farrah does as easily and as readily as breathing.

It's really no wonder that Farrah is such a Trump fan, you know?

They share the same shaky grasp of the English language and of reality, and neither seems to fully understand that other people really, truly exist.

We feel sorry for this fan who was humiliated in front of millions on social media for no good reason.

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