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Well, we have some sad news for Bachelorette fans who are still hoping for a happy ending for Hannah Brown.

It seems Hannah’s quest for love has officially failed — and Chris Harrison wasn’t even there to deliver the bad news.

When Hannah asked Tyler on a date after regrettably excepting a proposal from Jed Wyatt, millions of viewers turned into heart-eye emojis, and it looked like the Alabama beauty queen had finally made the right decision.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

In a recent interview with Extra, Hannah revealed that she and Tyler are no longer on speaking terms.

“I think he’s been so busy,” she said.

“I’ve been so busy. I’m focusing on what’s next for me and trying to get my bearings around this new city that I’m living in. I wish him well. And I know that he does the same for me.”

Hannah Brown Promo Pic

“I wish him well,” she added. “And I know that he does the same for me.”

Of course, Beast Mode Brown doesn’t have much time to dwell on her latest romantic setback these days.

Hannah recently signed on for Dancing With the Stars; she’s moved to LA to continue … being a professional reality TV person, and she’s still tossing out meaningless word salads about her emotions and her struggle and her journey:

“Oh, my life is completely changed,” she told the outlet.

“And with that comes struggle. I’ve had so many blessings too, but I’m a real human, and humans have real emotions and lots of different emotions.

Hannah Brown Stuns

"And still, people enjoy my journey. I enjoyed my journey, because I was real and true, and was honest. And I just want to continue to be that.”

There was a time when it looked like Hannah may have at least enjoyed a bit of revenge, as several outlets reported that Tyler’s promiscuous behavior after the final rose ceremony had cost him any shot he may have had at the coveted gig as next season’s Bachelor.

“Tyler was in the running for the job until he was all over the place in a love triangle both Hannah and Gigi," a source tells Radar Online.

"This isn’t the sort of behavior the show wants to see from a potential new bachelor." 

Tyler Cameron

The insider added:

“Tyler has been advised that his behavior is going to eliminate him from the job, but he doesn’t seem to care.

“He is young and handsome and now he’s famous, with a supermodel inviting him to hang-out with her. Clearly, Tyler is not thinking with his head… I think we all know what he is thinking with!”

We’re not sure if we agree with that last part.

Yes, it seems Tyler is following a different compass these days — but it appears to be leading him in the right direction.

Tyler Cameron on the Finale

A People magazine source says that Tyler and Gigi are in an actual relationship — and it looks like things are getting serious.

“Tyler lives in N.Y.C. now. He has his own place, but for their dates, they hang out at Gigi’s,” says the insider.

“He is very public about going in and out of her place — you can tell that he wants to be seen. He is enjoying the attention he gets for dating Gigi.”

Sounds like Hannah’s season has worked out for just about everybody except Hannah.

Besides, we all know Mike Johnson should be the next Bachelor, anyway.