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Just when it seemed like Gina Kirschenheiter’s divorce from her husband, Matt was going to be an amicable affair, things changed. 

Gina made her way over to Emily Simpson’s house with the intention of chatting about her friend’s marital woes after her husband was less than enthusiastic about the idea of a sexy dance. 

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The news helped Gina admit that Emily’s woes were not marriage-ending. 

"Your problems seem so stupid right now," Gina said, adding that she was having "a really bad year."

Emily knew there was something amiss with her friend, especially after the DUI arrest and the rumors that swirled about it. 

"This is hard to talk about," said a visibly upset Gina as Emily noted that she would always be there for her. 

"Well, like, you know I’ve always alluded to things for like the past year?" Gina ultimately said.

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"And you’re like, ‘You never actually say it.’ ‘Cause if I don’t say it, it’s like it never happened, you know? It was before I met you…"

But Gina decided that she could not speak of the moment and set out to make a swift exit. 

"I can’t talk about this!" she said. 

"This sucks. I’m sorry. I just need a minute. I can’t talk about this! I wanna leave. F–k!"

But Gina later returned and sat back down. "I’m just gonna do it."

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"You know what, Emily? It’s just really bad," Gina said.

"Your problems seem so stupid right now. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Um, with Matt, we had moved here."

"I think it was like four months old, and he had an affair. And I know you knew, but like we don’t really talk about it because I just honestly feel like where we were in our relationship when I met you was how I felt about my relationship."

"We tried to work through it the best we could. We’re in therapy. It opened our eyes to other problems in the relationship," she continued. 

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"And so when I filed for divorce and then meeting everybody going forward, like for my kid’s sake, I just felt like it wasn’t necessary to share that."

"And I didn’t wanna take that from my kids."

"I thought I was doing the right thing to protect my kids, and that’s all that really matters to me," Gina told the cameras.

"I don’t want my kids to think that their father is a bad person ’cause he’s not. I don’t wanna be the reason that anyone would look at him badly. He’s not a bad person. It’s just hard."

Gina went on to dish that Matt was still seeing the woman and has been for six months. Even worse, Gina only learned the news at Tamra’s party the day before after finding a Valentine’s Day card from the woman. 

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"Finding the card felt like the day that I found out about the affair in the first place, and it brought me immediately back to that moment," Gina cried.

"So I got really scared because I just didn’t wanna go back to that bad place that I was in when it all first happened because I can’t go back there."

Gina was a trying to fight the tears but said she felt "a sense of relief, like this weight off my shoulders ’cause I’ve just been carrying it around for so long and like not able to talk to anybody about it. It does feel good at least to just say it and finally try to heal from it."

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Emily admitted later that she knew about the affair. 

"But Gina’s my friend, one of my dearest friends. I love her. And so, I never brought it up," Emily said in a confessional. 

Gina later told Tamra, but her friend already knew. 

"I had heard some rumors around town that he had cheated on her and broke up the marriage," Tamra said during her own confessional. "I didn’t tell her I knew because I could tell that she didn’t wanna talk about it."

When the housewives met for a meal later, they chatted about Vicki and her knack for hating new housewives. 

"She liked Kelly right away!" Shannon countered. 

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"Yeah, how’d that work out for you?" Tamra fired back as Vicki chimed in with her own two cents. 

"I don’t have any respect for her," Vicki replied.

"I would never say to anybody that I don’t like, ‘You’re ugly. You look like shit.’ She said I look like shit! I’m over it. That’s a pure bully. How would she like it if somebody said that about her daughter? I’m done being abused by her."

Shannon maintained, however, that the two women were both as bad as each other and that they needed to get it together. 

Vicki claimed she had not done anything nasty to Kelly, prompting Shannon to bring up the cocaine claims. 

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"I am not gonna be subjected — as a grandmother, as a mother — to be told I look like Miss Piggy and I’m ugly and I look like a piece of shit," Vicki shouted. "No! It’s not okay."

Gina wanted to know what the root of the problem between the ladies was. 

"Truly, you know what I think it is? Kelly knows that I know more than I’ve said," Vicki said, later yelling at inquiring Tamra, "I’m not gonna tell you, Telephone Tamra!"

"Are you talking about the train?" Tamra wondered.

"We had a code of silence that none of us were gonna talk about the choo choo train," Vicki explained in a confessional.

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"Tamra, Shannon and I discussed it, and I said nothing good can come from this. This is all gonna be super damaging."

Gina, however, was mad at the table and asked for more details. 

"You’ve said she has a coke habit, and now you’re saying you didn’t say it all," Gina yelled. "So clearly, you’re saying it’s something worse than that, which is bad!"

"Shhh! Gina! I’m not saying anything!" Vicki shot back.

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"But you said that you know more than the worst thing that you said!" Gina said in bewilderment.

"Let’s talk about something else!" Vicki said, and the episode concluded. 

Drama, right?

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