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Isabel Rock is marrying Jacob Roloff, and Amy is delighted to welcome her to the family. And so is Tori. And so is Audrey.

But one Roloff woman’s absence drew the attention of countless fans. Did Molly ghost Isabel for her bridal shower?

Is this a Roloff family feud we never saw coming, or is there a simpler explanation?

Happy Birthday to Us!

"Aww.. what a fun bridal shower for Isabel," Amy recently gushed on Instagram.

She wrote: "I had a blast seeing all of her friends again and them sharing stories about how they know her."

"She has some deep roots w/ many of them," Amy observed.

"She’s marrying my youngest, Jacob, and I’m so happy for them and that she’ll be joining the family," she gushed.

Amy snapped and shared a ton of sweet photos, including this one with two daughters-in-law and one soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

Photo via Instagram

What a sweet photo! It doesn’t hurt that Audrey and Tori are already pregnant.

Lots of prayers and love for them as they go on this journey together," Amy expressed.

She then noted the looming wedding date: "September 7th."

"She’s going to be a beautiful bride," Amy correctly predicted. "Woohoo!"

She’s absolutely right, and Isabel’s bridal shower was a large and lovely gathering.

Photo via Instagram

However, there was one person who seemed conspicuously absent from the mix.

Fans were quick to comment that Amy’s only flesh-and-blood daughter was nowhere to be seen.

"Sad not seeing Molly at these family avents [sic]," reads one comment.

"I know," Amy acknowledged in her reply.

"She is always missed," Amy affirmed. "But she’ll be at the wedding."

Amy explained her absence: "She’s a working woman in Spokane."

Amy Roloff and Molly Roloff, Christmas 2018

Certain fans of Little People, Big World seem to be constantly confused as to why Molly doesn’t live on the farm or appear on the show.

The answer is that, quite simply, people grow up and move on.

In 2017, Molly married Joel Silvius in a beautiful, forest-inspired ceremony.

The two of them live in Spokane, Washington, which is about a 5-and-a-half hour drive from Roloff Farms.

And, as Amy mentions, Molly also works. She can’t always take time off to travel, even for a family event. That’s life.

Photo via Instagram

Molly most recently appeared on Amy’s Instagram in a post on Mother’s Day, which is very appropriate.

Amy’s caption made it clear that the snap was actually a bit of a throwback.

"I was so happy to see my daughter Molly over Easter," Amy wrote at the time.

"It was a very special time," she gushed. "And she inspires me!"

It is so sweet to see mother and daughter together, even briefly.

Photo via Instagram

What Little People, Big World fans may want to remember is that impermanence is a sad part of life.

People grow, they change, they get married, they get new jobs, and they move. Not everyone does all of those, but many do.

Roloff Farms isn’t permanent, either, as we’ve been reminded by the recent dealings between Amy and Matt.

The casts of reality shows change from year to year. Molly is no longer on the show because she has her own life.