Tori Roloff Shares New Sonogram Pic: Look at My Strong Daughter!

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Tori Roloff is not typically one to brag.

She has amassed a very impressive social media following by mostly remaining very humble and down to earth and relatable to all fans of her family's reality show, Little People, Big World.

But the pregnant mother of one just can't help herself right now.

Three Roloffs

If you'll forgive Tori, she simply must do something out of character and brag about something near and dear to her heart for a moment, okay?

We're referring to the baby girl growing inside of Roloff's baby, a miraculous development she and husband Zach confirmed to the world back in mid-May.

This baby girl is due right around Thanksgiving... and will be the young sibling of two-year old Jackson... and, well, here is where the bragging comes in:

She's already super strong.

A few days ago, Roloff shared a new sonogram snapshot of her unnamed child, writing as a funny caption to the image below:

"Girl has got some muscles!"


And it's true!

Just check out the way this baby is flexing her bicep for the camera. We love it!

This special look at the next Roloff infant comes about a month after Tori first revealed a sonogram picture of her fetus.

Last month, she shared dueling sonograms of Jackson and his impending sister, taking followers behind the curtain of her pregnancy once again, something we appreciate a great deal.

baby j vs. girl

Tori has remained open about her second child and her pregnancy in general, admitting at one point that this one has been a bit challenging.

She's even felt quite self-conscious at times over the size of her baby bump.

Elsewhere, Tori has also addressed whether her daughter will be a little person or an average-sized individual.

She previously said there were about 50/50 odds, revealing that she and Zach have actually “opted out” of an amniotic draw procedure to find out at this point in her pregnancy.

This is what she told followers at the time of that decision...

Tori Roloff Baby Bump #2

So everyone keeps asking after seeing the ultrasound of baby girl if she is a little person or average height, and the answer is we don’t know, and we won’t know until she’s born.

[You] can find out through an amniotic draw if you’re having a dwarf or not, but Zach and I opted out of that just because we don’t care either way.

What would really be the point, you know?

Zach, of course, is a little person, so he doesn't need to learn anything about this condition.

And if they know they'll love and cherish baby number-two either way...  whatever, right? They can just wait to find out.

“We are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother!” the beloved couple told Us Weekly three months ago, adding at the time:

“We can not wait to meet our sweet baby girl!”

Tori also shared the huge news with their Instagram followers on the same day, writing:

“Zachary and I are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother! We are expecting a sweet baby girl this November!

"Thank you so much for always supporting our family and loving us!”

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