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Tanner Tolbert is not backing down from his criticism of Demi Burnett.

Despite the fact that Burnett totally burned Tolbert just a few days ago with a reference to Tanner’s wife being on her back.

You, dear readers, she really did go there.

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How did the epic slam come about last week?

Why did Burnett actually trash Tolbert’s ability to please his wife with his mouth and tongue, which you can see in the message below?

Because Tolbert Tweeted a comparison between Burnett and Bachelorette winner/villain Jed Wyatt last Wednesday, a day after Demi cozied up to Derek Peth on an episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Wyatt, of course, kept a girlfriend-type person as a secret from Hannah Brown during his run on the aforementioned reality show.

Once Brown learned the truth about Wyatt, she dumped his lying rear end.

As for Demi?

As mentioned previously, she got close to Derek and then told him that she also sort of had a girlfriend back at home.

Hence the comparison to Wyatt made by Tolbert, despite Burnett not going through with a proposal (or anything close to it) with Derek and despite her being the one to tell Derek the full truth.

"You are speaking on something you HEARD about as if it is a fact," Demi added in her clapback to Tanner, adding:

"I was 100% honest and upfront the entire time. You are a grown ass man tweeting about rumors."

It certainly seemed to most observers as if Burnett won this feud, considering Hannah Brown — who was the one burned by Wyatt, of course — Tweeted her strong support of Demi.

"One is my best friend, one is my ex-fiancé….I can tell you first hand, not the same,” the former Bachelorette wrote in response to Tanner.

And yet: Tolbert isn’t backing down.

"The Jed comparison was probably the most extreme I could have gone — but I don’t regret it," Tolbert tells Entertainment Tonight, adding:

"I’d compare her to Blake [Horstmann] and Hannah [Godwin], because they had an agenda.

"No one should go in trying to script the show. Blake and Hannah were visiting each other beforehand; let things happen on the beach."

Tolbert went on (hilariously) say his only goal here is to maintain the "integrity" of Bachelor in Paradise, telling ET:

"Demi is being fully hypocritical.

"On The Bachelorette, she called a guy out on night one for coming in with a girlfriend. I have 100 percent heard from multiple people [including other alumni,] that she [had a plan heading into Paradise].

"People were talking about it back in May."

How does Tolbert feel about Burnett’s NSFW diss about him, his wife and their sex life?

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He just thinks this backs up his own point about Burnett.

"Obviously, Demi showed how classy she can be with that.

"She can be funny, yes, but that was low brow, and usually when people lash out like that, it’s because they’re guilty," he said to ET.

No word yet from Jade Roper, Tolbert’s wife, who got engaged to Tolbert on season two of Bachelor in Paradise and who shares two kids with the reality star.